Manufactured In the USO’Mara Sprung Floors is proud to offer high-quality sprung floors manufactured in Flint, Michigan, by a small team of dedicated individuals. We use locally sourced materials and sustainably harvested trees to make our floors. We are a company founded on passion, hard work, drive, determination, and fearlessness. Becoming the best requires full effort and dedication. It requires that you give everything you have and everything you never knew you had; to push yourself and those around you further than you ever imagined possible. We have been in business for 20 years now, getting up every morning with that gleam in our eyes, and we plan to do that for a long time.

Ever since he was a young man, Ed O’Mara dreamed of running his own manufacturing business. Years later, after gaining invaluable experience in the aerospace and machining industries, working as a freelance precision carpenter and remodeling contractor, building a dance studio for his wife, and becoming a ballet dancer at the age of 40, his dream became reality. Beginning in a modest workshop behind his house, Mr. O’Mara sold his first sprung dance floor to the Flint Institute of Music in 1996. In the years following, he hired a few employees, moved the office out of the attic, and moved into an industrial building in Flint. Now, 20 years later, Mr. O’Mara and his crew work year-round to provide customers with their dream floors, shipping them all across the United States, and as far away as Norway, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Our sprung floors arrive custom-sized to fit. The resilient, pre-finished panels provide slip-resistance, and 70% shock absorption. These floors come with the necessary equipment for assembly, including a patented clamp and cable system, which makes assembly quick and simple. Carpentry skills are not necessary for assembling the floor; basic carpentry skills are required for the trim work if you choose to finish your space with ramps and trim.


O’Mara Sprung FloorOn an O’Mara Sprung Floor, joints remain pain-free, feet feel better and physical longevity increases. Safety is provided by closed-cell foam blocks that suspend the dance floor above an existing hard, unyielding surface, allowing you to practice longer, and better. Ballet floors, tap dance floors, Zumba floors, yoga floors…all of these should be sprung to protect our bodies in motion. Our customers love the way their bodies feel, and how much longer they can practice, when they’re moving on our dance floors.

Based in Flint, Michigan, O’Mara Sprung Floors, manufactures dance floors for homeowners, dance studios, touring companies, large theater productions, and universities. Founder Ed O’Mara and his team are proud to build dance floors in the United States, with locally-sourced materials. All of our floors, from small portable tap boards and home gym floors to large stage floors and university dance floors, are expertly crafted, and every panel is hand-inspected and carefully crated for shipment.

O’Mara dance floors are simple to install. Just lay out the cables, connect the panels, clamp, and tighten. Too excited to wait until the floor is installed before trying your new dance floor? Go ahead, put that first panel down, wipe the surface clean, and put on your dancing shoes. Our hardwood panels are coated with the hardest, longest-wearing finish in the industry, making them ready to dance on the moment they come out of the crate.

We love happy customers, and want all of you to be as excited about your new floor as we are. Customer service is important to us. We build relationships, so we understand that you desire the precision, beauty and education we offer. Even during our busy summer months we take the time to make sure each customer has every question answered. We believe that an educated customer is a happy customer.