Kaylee Eorgan

Kaylee Eorgan


Who are you, and why do you support O’Mara Sprung Floors?

I am Kaylee Eorgan, a tap dancer born and raised in Florida. I have been dancing since I was two years old and did my first tap solo at 2 1⁄2. I share the love for dance (specifically tap dance) with my mother. I have competed in several regional and national competitions and conventions placing in the overalls frequently. I graduated from High School at 17 years old while also earning my A.A. Degree however I knew I did not want my dance journey to end. I currently teach tap to students at The Bridge Dance Complex in Largo, Fl and am so thankful I am able to share my passion with them. I support O’Mara Floors because they truly are the best product for tap dancers. Tap Dancers are both musicians and storytellers. Being able to be heard with your voice is one thing but being able to tell a story and make music with your feet is another. O’Mara Sprung Floors truly care about the details in crafting their products to best suit the artist on the wood.

What do you love?

I absolutely love tap dance and sharing my passion with anyone that I get the chance to. It is such a great feeling to perform for an audience and have them engaged in your craft. I love that you do not have to have any background knowledge or experience to enjoy a performance or connect with people when making music with your feet. Aside from dance, I love the beach and spending time with my family considering they are my biggest supporters in life.

Why do you dance?

I dance because it is truly an escape from the craziness life can be at times. I dance for myself; I dance to share my knowledge, craft, and passion with others. And I dance hoping to move or inspire individuals in one way or another.

Why do you choose to dance on O’Mara Sprung Floors?

I choose to dance on O’Mara Sprung Floors to not only be heard by others but to be able to hear myself. I am constantly practicing and believe that O’Mara Sprung Floors produce such great sound and comfort for dancers’ bodies.

How would you like the world to know you?

I would like the world to know me as a positive and honest human being. I always want what’s best for not only myself but for others around me as well.

Career highlights thus far:

Assistant for Revel Dance Convention ‘17-’19
Co.mmit Tap Company Member
Loose Screws Tap Company Member
Tap Instructor at The Bridge Dance Complex


St. Petersburg, Florida

Current Home Base:

St. Petersburg, Florida

Where have you come from?

I originally started my dance training at a small studio in St. Petersburg Florida. At age 14 I switched to a studio in Largo Florida that I am now the tap instructor at. When I moved studios, the new studio was not big into tap dance. My mother became the tap teacher until I graduated from High School and now, we teach together which is very special. The students there have grown so much in just the past few years of tap training and we could not be prouder of them.

Where are you headed?

I am currently teaching at The Bridge Dance Complex in Largo, Florida while also working on my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science. As soon as COVID cases decrease I hope to do more with dance as far as work with my tap companies, train, take classes, and participate in other opportunities that may come my way.

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