Zacary Starr

Zacary Starr


Zacary is a 13-year old 7th grader, who attends Borelli’s Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Zacary began tap dancing at age 4. He has been competing in tap dancing since age 7 and has also trained and competed in the hip-hop dance style the last 3 years. He has also taken gymnastic classes. Zacary is pursuing a singing/acting career with personalized training from Carmen LoPresti, who also teaches at the Pittsburgh CLO (Civic Light Opera). Zacary also attends the Pittsburgh CLO musical theatre advanced tap dancing classes. Zacary has received numerous scholarships and Titles at dance competitions at both Regional and National levels and has received scholarships at dance conventions and tap festivals. Zacary’s most recent scholarships were The Big Apple Tapfest, the Chicago Tap Summit, and the LA Tapfest. Zacary trained for two years on a mini-scholarship at Point Park University, which classes were instructed by Michael Ocampo, an advanced tap dancer from Orlando, Florida. Zacary was invited by Anthony LoCascio to perform with The Tap Life Company in Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York and has been given an opportunity to be in the pre-professional Tap Life Company in New York City. Zacary has been personally trained by Bril Barrett, owner of MADD Rhythms in Chicago and is presently being mentored by Jason Samuels Smith, whom he admires as they share the same tap dancing principles. Zacary wants to be known as a tap dancer who carries the art form to the highest level. Zacary’s goal is to be on Broadway as a tap dancer, singer, actor, and performer.

Who are you, and why do you support O’Mara Sprung Floors?

I am Zacary Starr, a tap dancer from Pittsburgh, PA, who started tap dancing at age 4. I support O’Mara Sprung Floors because I love the sound, the feel of the board when I tap dance, and the professional look of the O’Mara Sprung Floor. It is by far the most amazing tap floor!

What do you love?

I love to tap dance. I also take singing lessons and I love learning to sing.

Why do you dance?

I tap dance because it helps me express my feelings and express the art of tap dance. Tap dance is so much more than
just making sounds with your feet, it is telling a story.

Why do you choose to dance on O’Mara Sprung Floors?

I choose O’Mara Sprung Floors because the board has very good pads underneath the floor that help support the dancer and keeps your knees in good shape and does not destroy them. Another reason I choose O’Mara is because since the bottom is just pads and nothing else, the sound is very clear.

How would you like the world to know you?

I would like the world to know me as a tap dancer who carries the art form to the highest level.

Career highlights thus far:

Mini Mr. Showbiz 2015; Mini Mister Beyond the Stars 2016; Tap Standout/Scholarship Nuvo 2017 & 2018; Title winner at many regional competitions and Starpower 2018 Nationals; Scholarship Big Apple Tapfest 2018; Scholarship Chicago Tap Summit 2018 & 2019; many scholarships awarded at competitions; Front Line Pass for America’s Got Talent 2017; Mini scholarship Point Park University tap dancing classes with college students 2017 & 2018; invited to perform at Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY with Taplife Company summer 2019; invited be a tap dancer in the preprofessional TapLife Company 2


Pittsburgh, PA

Current Home Base:

Pittsburgh, PA

Where have you come from?

I came from being a recreational tap dancer at Shade Sisters at age 4 and then became a competitive tap dancer at Borelli’s Dance Studio at age 7. At ages 11 to 13, I was mentored by two excellent tap dancers in Pittsburgh (who recently moved forward with their dance careers), Michael Ocampo and Shadoe Brandt.

Where are you headed?

I feel I am headed to be on Broadway as a tap dancer and singer, actor and performer.

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