Dance Flooring

Take Your Performance a Step Ahead

Finding the right dance flooring for your dance studio or practice space can be daunting. We prefer to make it simple. If you’ve been searching to find the best portable dance floor, you’ve landed in the right place! 30 years ago we were in the same spot, building a dance studio and looking for the best dance floor surface for our dancers, athletes and instructors to safely teach and learn. A good sprung dance floor was our number one priority in creating our professional dance studio, because we know that a dancers’ body is their instrument and a sprung floor is their protective gear. If your dance studio doesn’t have an actively resilient sprung floor, or if you’re still practicing from home without a proper dance floor, there is no better time to invest in your health and the health of your dancers. This is a game of longevity and we are here to provide the safest, highest-quality surface for dancers to express themselves upon. We make all of our dance floors portable, so that your floor goes where you do. This is a long-term investment that keeps giving. We sold our first dance floors over 25 years ago, and these floors are still in use today! So truly, if you’re looking for the best sprung portable dance floor, you’ve landed right where you want to be.

A sprung dance floor is the number one most important factor in protecting a dancer’s body from the rigors of this athletic artistic expression. No matter what style, the floor is most important aspect in creating a safe dance space. Sprung floors allow dancers to practice their art safely, by protecting the body, which is their instrument. A good sprung dance floor relieves shin splints, prevents stress fractures, and takes away the shock that jolts through a dancer’s toes, ankles, knees, hips, and spine when landing on an unyielding floor. A portable dance floor from O’Mara Sprung Floors is the best investment you can make for the health, happiness, longevity and vitality of any dancer. We provide the highest quality portable dance floors for home practice, professional dance studios, and touring and theater companies. Every floor we build is both portable and sprung so that you can create a space anywhere for dancers to comfortably practice and perform for hours on end, while providing the body with a resilient and cushioned surface to protect backs, joints, tendons and muscles from undue stress.

All of our dance floors are designed with the same basic premise: precision, quality, durability, safety, longevity. While there are specific factors to consider in choosing which floor is right for your application, know that every one of our dance floors is built in the USA with the highest quality, locally sourced materials, to support your body and your dancing for years to come. We envision a world of happy, healthy humans, dancing gracefully and easefully into theirs 90s, 100s, and beyond!

Which Dance Flooring Is Right For You?

Dance Studio Floors

In our opinion, a commercial dance studio cannot be considered “professional” without a proper sprung floor. A dancer is a human who expresses themselves through movement, the studio is the place where they gain and practice proper technique and learn to express themselves more and more fully while on the dance studio flooring. Without a sprung floor, the dancer is not safe to move and express, let alone to their highest potentiality. It is the studio owner’s responsibility to provide the safest surface possible for their dancers, from the youngest dancers, to the oldest dancers, and the recreational dancers to the professional dancers. We believe that every body is a dancer’s body, and that every dancer’s body must be cared for in every aspect, to ensure a healthful, joyful life of vitality and longevity.

Commercial Dance Floors

Any commercial studio promoting or catering to dance requires a sprung commercial dance floor. Dance fitness studio? Sprung floor. Dance photography studio? Sprung floor. YMCA studio space? Sprung floor. Physical therapist for dancers? Sprung floor. Pilates studio? Sprung floor. Dance is a healing modality on so many levels. It is time that we think beyond, “injury prevention” and look at, “how are we promoting health and healing in every aspect?”. For true healing to take place, a proper safe foundation must be provided.

Residential Dance Floors

Every dancer knows the frustration of trying to practice at home, without having a proper dance floor or space to dance. Especially in these last years, creating a dedicated at-home dance practice space is important for dancers to practice between classes, when studios are closed, and to both take and teach virtual classes. With a portable sprung floor, a safe, dedicated dance practice space can be created in any home. We make residential dance floors that can be utilized in any part of the home, so even if you don’t have an extra room, you can still create a safe, beautiful dance practice space. Because our floors are crafted with beauty, durability, and longevity in mind, they can be installed in the middle of the living room, on one half of a bedroom, in an underutilized corner of the dining room, the basement, or they can be built to fill an entire dedicated dance room.

Portable Dance Floors

While every dance floor we build is portable, we make a line of dedicated personal practice floors which are easily transportable, for dancers to practice anywhere, anytime. These portable dance floors come in a range of styles from folding travel boards, to portable practice and performance stages, to customizable in-home dance studio practice floors.

Theater and Production Floors

Our theater and production floors are durable and designed to travel. Your sprung, portable dance floor will be customized to the specific size and style requirements for your theater or production. We manufacture custom rolling travel carts to easily transport your flooring, so that your floor goes where your show goes. Assembly is simple, and with each installation and tear-down your crew will accomplish the task exponentially faster.

I’ve been meaning to email and thank you for all of your assistance and support with setting up our floor.  We are very happy with it and the dancers like it as well.

Alexandra O’Donnell

Community School of Ballet, MI

This floor is amazing. It is a great surface for all forms of dance. I do tap, swing, modern and martial arts. It looks great and the cushioning is superb. I couldn’t be happier from the ease of assembly, maintenance and helpful staff at O’Mara – I am completely satisfied with this top of the line product. The quality of the floor and the tooling is superb. Don’t give it a second thought if you are comparing with other manufacturers. Get the O’Mara Sprung Floors for total satisfaction!

Theresa Ouano

Poise Pilates, HI

An O’Mara floor is definitely worth the investment. It is truly a sprung floor which means no more pain in the lower extremities. Also, Mary and Ed were extremely helpful. Anytime we needed help or something changed on our part we always received an immediate phone call. I truly appreciate that Ed called us back at 7:30am to answer a question and the fact that Mary was able to work with our architect and the shipping company. Thank you for all your help Mary and Ed…it was truly appreciated.

Aimee Minarich

Pizzazz Dance Center, NJ

I am extremely happy with the floor…it’s extraordinary.

Mizu Desierto

The Headwaters, OR

We are excited about our beautiful floor! In fact, we are “Dancing on Air”!! That’s what we advertise “Come and dance on air at Dance Whirl”! Thank you for all of your help, guidance and everything in getting this wonderful floor. All of the dancers, even our beginners, really appreciate it.

Mike James

Dance Whirl, TX