What Can Sprung Floors Be Used For?

The warmth and beauty of a wood O’Mara Sprung Floor in either Maple or Ash is the finishing touch for any room. Our floors arrive customized to fit your martial arts studio, workshop, recreation room, gym, or any other space.With our patented Cable-Tuned System anyone can install our sprung floor; just lay out the cables, lay in the panels, connect, clamp and tighten. No carpentry skills are needed and there are no staples or screws involved. The portable floor panels interlock with a continuous tongue and groove alignment. With this simplicity comes the ability to take 100% of your investment with you to a new location. An O’Mara Sprung Floor is a completely mobile system that can be left in the same location for 20 years, or reconfigured to fit numerous new locations.

Our floors are great for your:

  • Workshop
  • Yoga Studio
  • Recreation Room
  • Aerobic and Fitness Rooms
  • Martial Arts Studio
  • Basement
  • Multi-use Work Area
  • Cashier or Demonstration Station
  • Home or Commercial Kitchen
  • Retirement Home

…Where will you put your sprung floor?

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