What is a sprung floor?
A sprung floor is a floor that is built with material designed to absorb shock, which suspends the finished surface above an existing hard surface such as concrete, hardwood or tile glued to concrete.

Who needs a sprung floor?
Any person who is jumping or engaging in intense physical activity needs a sprung floor. Concrete floors and other unyielding surfaces can create physical problems, as they do not “give”. A good sprung floor absorbs energy and returns a small portion back to the user. It provides an even and consistent resiliency.

Can I just put an O’Mara Sprung Floor on top of carpet to practice in the living room?
O’Mara Sprung Floors can be placed on top of tight weave carpet.

Can you place the practice floors on a tile floor?
Yes, they work very well for this application.

What needs to be done prior to the installation of my new O’Mara Sprung Floor?
1. The sub floor must be clean, dry and flat within a 1/8″ for a 10′ radius.
2. Cement floors must cure for a minimum of 30 days prior to installation.
3. New construction should have a 6 mil. plastic below the concrete. (ask your builder) If you are uncertain, you must seal concrete or install with 6 mil. plastic on top.
4. Old cement floors must be sealed with cement sealer or proper vapor barrier.

What installation options are available?
Cable Tuned: We developed our revolutionary patented cable-tuned installation system to provide a very easy way to install your sprung floor. This is our standard option for all floors. Minimal carpentry skills are necessary. This floor comes customized to fit your space. We provide you with an installation kit and detailed instructions. This system makes installation so easy that all one needs is the ability to follow basic instructions.
Tapcon or Wood Screws: This method also comes with detailed instructions. An installation kit is provided upon request. Carpentry skills are required for this option.

What tools are needed to install my O’Mara Sprung Dance Floor?
All of the dance floors we sell come with an installation tool kit.

Does your sprung floor come with a beveled edge?
All seams are beveled approximately 3/32”. We also carry a transition ramp.

Where did the grey residue on the floor come from and how can it be eliminated?
The floors should be cleaned after a large tap class. This should keep the aluminum oxide, left from the taps, from building up and causing the black residue. Vacuuming, sweeping or dry dust mopping any floor should be part of your daily routine.

Scuff marks keep showing up on my floor. What can I clean them off with?
Rub scuff marks with a dry cloth. We’ve also found a tennis ball on the end of a mop handle will remove black scuff marks from the floor. All O’Mara Sprung Floors are shipped with extensive maintenance and cleaning instructions. For more cleaning information click here.

Why are there so many choices of vinyl?
Each vinyl has a different intended use. We will help you choose the right vinyl for your application when you request an estimate. Click here for more information on vinyl.

Couldn’t I just put a vinyl floor on top of my concrete floor and have something similar to a sprung floor?
Concrete floors and other unyielding surfaces can create physical problems as they do not “give”. Stress injuries are very common when dancing on concrete or even concrete covered with a vinyl surface. A good sprung floor absorbs energy and returns a small portion back to the user. It provides an even and consistent resiliency.

Can I put vinyl on top of carpet?
It is dangerous to the dancers to put vinyl over carpet. When they land jumps and leaps, toes do not read that they are landing, which can lead to dancers hyper-extending their knees.

I would like to buy a sprung floor but we may move to a new studio in the future. What do you recommend?
Remember, O’Mara Sprung Floors are portable and can be removed and taken to a new location. We keep records of your Sprung Floor purchase and reconfiguration is always a possibility. Your O’Mara Sprung Floor is an investment that doesn’t have to be left behind.

If my sprung floor is heavily used for tap dance, what additional steps do I have to take to keep the finish looking beautiful?
Besides the daily and weekly cleaning routines, you will want to add two additional coats of urethane to the floor for the first two years of use. The urethane is applied after a chemical abrading or mechanical screening process is completed.

I’ve been researching floors and have noticed that some sprung floors squeak. How would you rate the squeakiness of your floor?
Our floors virtually have no squeak to them. We have done everything possible to eliminate any extra noises that may be created by the floor.

Do you ship to the west coast of Canada?
Yes. We ship floors globally.

I will be lecturing at a dance symposium for teachers. Are there any of your floors you specifically recommend for African Dance?
Any of our floors would work well for African Dance. Our Maple Sprung Floor and Ash Sprung Floors are suitable for all types of dance.

With your sprung floor, is there anything needed to lay on top of the flooring system?
You do not need to put a finish floor on top of an O’Mara Maple Sprung Floor or an O’Mara Ash Sprung Floor. These floors are urethaned and act as both sprung subfloor and finish floor in one. If you would prefer to dance on a vinyl surface we do have product lines that will accommodate this.