How It’s Made

The Engineering Behind Our Sprung Floors

What is the most important aspect behind an O’Mara sprung floor? The suspension system. The magic behind this system is what allows for 70% shock absorption and protection to the body.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how each component of our floors has the ability to not only withstand strenuous applications, but to also give back to the user’s overall wellness.

Shock Absorption

Foam Blocks are are attached to the underside of the floor, one per every square foot, to allow for our floors to be evenly resilient. The blocks are precisely determined to provide the appropriate shock absorption and resilience needed for your level of activity.

Careful Selection

Hardwood Panels are carefully selected to provide dimensional stability. Each piece is sealed on the top, bottom, and all sides to prevent moisture damage to plywood. This also improves its warp resistance and size stability, resulting in a beautiful yet durable sprung floor.

Precision Machined

Tongue and Groove Seams are precision machined. The tongues and grooves are engineered for exacting tolerances, providing almost unnoticeable seams.


Patented Post-Tension Cable System allows for our floors to be custom-sized to fit a given space, prior to leaving our plant. It also makes for simple installation of both large and small floors and gives customers the ability to easily remove and re-assemble their  O’Mara floors in a new location.

Easy Assembly