Shipping And Handling For Your Sprung Floor

The most difficult part of installing an O’Mara Sprung Floor is getting it off the freight truck. If your sprung floor is 16’ x 16’ or larger, it may come in a hardwood crate. The customer is responsible for off-loading. You will need a Phillips head screw gun to open the crate. At that point you will need several people to help unload the panels off the freight truck. 4′ x 4′ panels weigh 40 pounds each.

Generally, floors 4’ x 4’ to 16’ x 16’, are now custom boxed and more easily handled. Customer is responsible to carry 4′ X 4′ boxes weighing 40lbs. each into the house or studio. All damages need to be claimed with shipping company immediately. Be sure to refuse shipments from UPS that are damaged.

You may request lift gate service. For an extra charge, the crate will be taken off the freight truck and placed on the ground, where you will then open the crate and unload the panels.

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