Build Your Own Dance Floor with our DIY Dance Floor Kit

“The floor is great, all the dancers and teachers love it. The new floor has reduced the chance for injuries and reduced dancer fatigue. The feel of the floor is good. Ease of installation and good instructions made installation easy. We installed 1250 sq. ft. of flooring in two easy days with 4-5 people helping. Thanks again for your assistance.”
- Greg Maier, Okanagan School of Irish Dance, British Columbia, Canada

“Thank you so much for all of your help with our beautiful floor. The dancers love it.”
- Ana Jacobs, FL

“I’m an actor and my girlfriend is a dancer. We used the Build Your Own kit to turn our New York City living room into a rehearsal studio, and it’s a dream come true. Not only are we (and our friends) saving enough money on renting rehearsal space that the materials are paying for themselves, but it’s just become an amazing space to live in. For special occasions we eat on coffee tables, sitting on the floor. I do yoga in the space every day, and it’s just becoming an incredible luxury to have rehearsals for other projects I’m working on come over to our place rather than having to get on the subway and commute. When friends come over, we just hang out on the floor, whether we end up playing music or just rolling around the space and chatting, and oh does it make for excellent dance parties.
Using telephone assistance to build the floor itself was extremely helpful — the O’Mara team was always ready to offer knowledgeable, friendly advice, and the work we put in to renovate our space has paid off fabulously in our home and professional lives.”
- Raphael, NY

“Having a proper sprung floor is so beneficial for our students.”
- Meagan Landry, Muskoka Dance Connection, Ontario, Canada



“We are loving our new floor! I incorporated lots of leaps and jumping into our last workout; the new floor is great for keeping us injury free for those types of exercises.”
-Teri Crenshaw, AZ

“We love the floor. Our students love the floor…The directions were very simple to follow and installation was a snap. Our floor plan was evaluated by O’Mara and our template matched our dimensions perfectly. All we had to do was lay the template on the bottom of the flooring and glue down the foam. It was that simple. We were given complete instructions on how to lay the different levels of flooring; nothing was left to ponder. It was awesome.”
-Sandra O’Dell, MO

“Still adore my floor!”
– Lisa-Anne French,

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