Commercial Dance Studio Floors

“I wanted to let you know we finished the install today. I really couldn't be happier; it's beautiful, my clients are LOVING it, it's made my new studio look so much more professional and is a really huge upgrade. Thank you to the whole O'Mara team! ”
- Rachel, Owner, Fitness with Rachel, Goleta, CA

“I just wanted to let you know that the floor is completely installed and looks beautiful (I'm attaching a picture). We opened last week week and our students raved about the floor. One of our instructors even declared it the best floor ever saying her knees always hurt after teaching just an hour class but after teaching for 3 hours that day her knees didn't hurt at all! Thank you for all your help!”
- Kelli Bogan, Cabaret Dance and Fitness, NH

“The floor has been installed. O'Mara's did such a great job of packaging, providing setup details, tools. They thought of everything. Our install team were very impressed!”
- Jacqueline Jo, Arts Unity Movement, San Mateo, CA

“The new floors are great! Quality is top notch. Installation was a breeze with everything needed supplied, no trips to the hardware store. Great! The new floor makes our dance space look great! Not wanting to permanently cover our historic vertical grain fir floors this was a great solution. The new floor will help the dancers in many ways.”
- Step In Studio, OR

Our floor has performed beautifully over the seven years we’ve had it. We were especially impressed with the customer service we received from O’Mara as we were going through our recent relocation. O’Mara worked hard to reconfigure our floor for the new space and provided us with custom instructions to accommodate one of our studios having a curved wall. Installation was smooth and successful thanks to the outstanding care and detail provided by O’Mara.”

Annie Polack, IL

- Expressenz Dance Center, IN

“I truly love this floor. I have never danced or taught on a floor that gave such a comfortable landing on jumps. After dancing on concrete my dancers are now able to jump with ease and with safety. This floor has enabled my dancers to take their dancing to the next level.”
- Louise Taitz, On Your Toes Academy of Dance, IL

“Every time I walk into my studio it puts a smile on my face, to see the beautiful floor I have. I have received numerous compliments on the floor and it pleases me that customers notice. This floor has already been a benefit because I can feel the difference when I dance on it. I feel that I will be “spotted” by the floor and only want to dance on O’Mara floors. I was super impressed how everything was labeled. There was no guessing where things went. It was very clear and for the most part easy. I would recommend O’Mara floors to anyone without hesitation. Thank you for the great experience in purchasing my first dance floor.”
- Anissa Gordon, Anissa’s Dance Academy, MA

“It has been almost 2 months now dancing on my new floor and I love it. I can truly tell that the floor is safer on dancer’s knees and gives jumps just a little extra boost in the air. The floor has been a great benefit for my dancers. I teach adult ballet and jazz and their bodies have been blessed by this shock-absorbent floor. One adult student said, “They should have made these floors back in my day, I know I would have progressed with dancing then. It doesn’t hurt my body. It has been amazing working with everyone at O’Mara Sprung Floors. They do high quality work and have a very professional and educated staff willing to help you whenever you need it.”
Sara Hoots, All About Dance and More, IL

“The floors look gorgeous in our new studio. We’ve received several compliments on them. My dancers love the spring action and my tappers love the amplified sound. Our maple floors have served us very well.”
- Jodi Shilling, Releve Studios, CA

“One thing I noticed the first time I leaped across the O’Mara Sprung floor was the smooth transition from section to section as though the floor was one piece. The finish on the floor is perfect, it gives the right amount of friction, not too fast and not too slow. I will say, if someone is going to purchase this floor and they are going to tap dance on the wood and not cover it with Marley, I think the Tap Smart Maple is the way to go if you can afford the extra cost. Within a week of dancing on the O’Mara Sprung floor, I noticed that my hip and knee joints did not feel as strained as they did on my old floor. Maybe this generation of young dancers will never have to experience the joint problems you can get with age because you danced on an inferior floor.”
- Sandra Jones, The Dance Studio, TX

“I love it and am constantly discussing the floor with dancers and the fact that every dancer and venue, used for dancing, should have a properly sprung floor! And for the icing on the cake – lately I have been having some problems with my hip and it never bothers me when I am dancing or have danced on the O’Mara floor, but it does bother me when I am dancing on lesser floors. I have danced on it for almost three hours at a time during rehearsals and I never feel excessively tired and my muscles and bones are not weary and hurting, as happens on almost any other floor.
- Marc Casslar, Vintage Dance, CT

“I have a horrible back and the way the floor is sprung allows me to teach 8 to 10 hours a day, effortlessly!!”
- Diana Reichardt, Dance Evolutions, FL

“The feel of the floor under my feet is lovely. The surface is just fast enough, just “sticky” enough, that we can move so well on it. You have a great product and really good customer service.”
- Deborah Whitehurst, All About Dance and More, AZ

“The support from the floor and energy exchange was immediately apparent. I actually laid on the floor and watched the floor absorb the dancers movement phrases. I also noticed the temperature of the room was markedly warmer, the floor served as an extra layer of insulation. The floor is not only aesthetically pleasing, but pleasing to my staff’s needs. No more aching backs.”
- Sheila Dollas, Moving Miracles Inc., NY

“We are delighted to endorse your magnificent sprung dance floor. Suffice to say that thanks to this fabulous floor, we are the envy of the Cleveland dance world. Our company members, who spend 6-10 hour days in the studio, feel very fortunate to have floors that are so “body friendly”. Our students noticed the difference immediately and are grateful to dance in a studio that is so beautifully equipped. Visitors to our studios, particularly company members from Cleveland San Jose Ballet, were very impressed and have commented repeatedly on how wonderful it is to dance on our floors.”
- Mary Verdi-Fletcher & Sabatino Verlezza, Professional Flair/Dancing Wheels, OH

“The acoustics are wonderful. Easy to clean. I love the floor! When we expand, I’ll be calling for more flooring – a lot more. This has been a benefit to our knees and feet. The acoustics are tops! It helps us perfect our “zapateados” – shoe sounds. Thanks.”
- Ariana Ruiz, Ruiz Dance Company, TX

“The production crew laid the floor last Saturday in six hours. The crew were delighted that everything they needed – equipment and instructions – was comprehensively prepared to assist them. The dancers, meanwhile, are just so enthused by the idea that their backs and lower limbs will be better protected.”
- Garry Trinder, New Zealand School of Dance, Wellington South, New Zealand

“I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new dance floor. The installation was every bit as easy as you said it would be. It’s nice to have something turn out as expected for a change! It has been a pleasure working with you and your company. Your customer service is outstanding and you made this a very easy, uncomplicated process. Thanks again.”
- Sylvia Swisher, Steppin’ Out Dance Company, NC

“We are excited about our beautiful floor! In fact, we are “Dancing on Air”!! That’s what we advertise “Come and dance on air at Dance Whirl”! Thank you for all of your help, guidance and everything in getting this wonderful floor. All of the dancers, even our beginners, really appreciate it.”
- Mike James, Dance Whirl, TX

“The floor is beautiful and it went together easily. The hardest part was unloading it from the freight truck. You will notice that we divide the studio into two smaller rooms when necessary by sliding our movable wall. The wall is unique in that when the wall is open, the floor tacks can be picked up so the floor is not obstructed.”
- Diana Horvath, Strongsville Dance Company, OH

“I am extremely happy with the floor…it’s extraordinary.”
- Mizu Desierto, The Headwaters, OR

- Rochester Ballroom, MI

“I must say I’m extremely impressed. The floor is installed and I have some cool tools to add to my collection. My crew (2 guys) and I unloaded the truck and fully installed the floor in 4 hours.”
- Rick Brewer, FL

“…(An) O’Mara floor is definitely worth the investment. It is truly a sprung floor which means no more pain in the lower extremities. Also, Mary and Ed were extremely helpful. Anytime we needed help or something changed on our part we always received an immediate phone call. I truly appreciate that Ed called us back at 7:30am to answer a question and the fact that Mary was able to work with our architect and the shipping company. Thank you for all your help Mary and Ed…it was truly appreciated.”
- Aimee Minarich, Pizzazz Dance Center, NJ

“This floor is amazing. It is a great surface for all forms of dance. I do tap, swing, modern and martial arts. It looks great and the cushioning is superb. I couldn’t be happier from the ease of assembly, maintenance and helpful staff at O’Mara – I am completely satisfied with this top of the line product. The quality of the floor and the tooling is superb. Don’t give it a second thought if you are comparing with other manufacturers. Get the O’Mara Sprung Floors for total satisfaction!”
- Theresa Ouano, Poise Pilates, HI

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