Theater and Production

Theater and Production

Take Your Production to New Heights

Whether you seek a sprung floor for your black box theater or your touring production, O’Mara Sprung Floors has a floor to take your performance to new heights.  All O’Mara floors are built to the size of your stage or the specifications needed for your touring show.

Take Your Show on the Road

Our exclusive Cable-Tuned System creates a one-of-a-kind, completely mobile flooring system for unmatched portability and ease of assembly. Storage and moving carts are available to make this process simple and time efficient. For theater or touring productions we recommend either of the following:

Our Maple and Ash Floors come pre-finished with a durable ceramic urethane, providing slip-resistance designed for dancers, along with the beauty of a wood floor.

Our Birch Subfloor Grade Sprung Floor is the preferred option for those requiring a roll-out dance vinyl or require a black stage surface. This floor can also be covered with the marley of your choice.

Our floors are meticulously manufactured and custom-sized to fit your space, resulting in long lasting quality and performance.

Check out the Maple, Ash and Birch floor specs!

Which Dance Flooring Is Right For You?

As a contractor, myself and my team, were very impressed on how easy it was to install the floors. I was expecting it to be challenging, but with a couple phone calls to Ed, everything went better than expected. I’m not a dancer, although all the buzz about the floors from instructors from “Dancing With The Stars” has been nothing but how great they are. We had researched floors for two months and after exhausting all resources, we found nothing else on the market could give us what we were looking for. From on time delivery dates to easy installation, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Matt Vonnegut

Los Angeles, CA

Samples of your floor were sent to the Artistic Department of the Royal Academy of Dance headquarters in London for approval. They have assessed the samples and replied that they are very satisfied with the quality of the flooring and it could be used for the competition.

Sin Nah Tan

Genée International Ballet Competition 2009, Singapore