The O'Mara Story

Ever since he was a young man, Ed O’Mara dreamed of starting his own manufacturing business. Years later, after gaining invaluable experience in the aerospace and machining industries, working as a freelance precision carpenter and remodeling contractor, building a dance studio for his wife, and becoming a ballet dancer at the age of 40, his dream finally became reality.

O’Mara Sprung Floors was founded back in 1996 in a modest workshop behind Ed’s house, where he sold his first sprung dance floor, made from locally sourced materials, to the Flint Institute of Music. In the years following, he hired a team of employees and moved into an industrial building in Flint, Michigan that could accommodate his growing operation.

Now, decades later, Mr. O’Mara and his dedicated team of craftsmen remain a step ahead of the rest by working year-round to provide customers from all over the world with the highest quality sprung floors for both industrial and dance applications.

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