Empty dance studio with mirrored walls and a used sprung wooden floor.

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Modern dance studio with high-quality sprung flooring installation.

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    Used Dance Floors

    6' by 8' Sprung Golden Maple Dance Floor with Ramps on 3 Sides

    Zip Code:90403$400

    6 foot by just over 8 foot sprung golden maple O'Mara dance floor in excellent condition. Purchased for $1750 during the lockdown but no longer needed. Includes ramps on three sides, which were never used (listed dimensions are of the floor without the ramps). Includes all hardware, tools, and manual. Largest section is 4' by 4' so you need to be able to transport something that big (must be local). Make me an offer.

    12 x 12 Ash Sprung Floor with ramps

    Zip Code:930033000

    Like new 12 x 12 Ash Sprung floor with transition ramps on two sides. Only two years old, and has been used very lightly for a short time. Locking cables, original installation instructions and diagrams all included.

    Ash sprung floor 12' x 8'

    Zip Code:77381$500 or best offer

    12' x 8' sprung floor in golden ash (comes with clamp and cable set). Vented trim and ramp. Excellent condition. $1800 new.

    Gorgeous Large Dance Studio Floor

    Zip Code:3380314,000.00

    I have just moved my studio location and have shifted from having two dance studios to one. Ed and all of the team at O'Mara Sprung Floors worked with me to refit their beautiful floor to the new studio dimensions. I am selling over 1,000 square feet of this gorgeous floor that has used for both modern dance and yoga. The surface is beautiful and has never been exposed to rosin or shoes, only bare feet. The picture posted is from a few days ago, just before we moved out. For sale are 33 of the whole panels and 10 panels that were cut to perfectly fit the studio space. If you are not familiar with the team at O'Mara, let me tell you that they can work with you to create a design that will fit your space perfectly and sell you the trim and cables cut to your specific needs. The customer service that O'Mara Sprung Floors offers and their product is exceptional! This floor is so well designed that my husband, who is not a carpenter, was able to install it with Ed's plans into our new space himself perfectly. If you are in need of a beautiful floor that will protect your body, and that of your students, as well as enhance your artistry and the aesthetic quality of your studio, look no further. Purchasing this gently used floor can make your dreams come true at a great price. Feel free to call with any questions. The only reason I am at peace with selling this floor is that I have one left to use myself! Next to your teachers, it will be the greatest resource that you will offer your students.

    20 X 20 Sprung Floor – Birch Subfloor Grade – Includes Marley and $500 Shipping allowance!

    Zip Code:49341$5,000

    • 400 Sq. Ft. Like New Floor with Clamps and Cables. • No Blemishes. Condition is as Pristine! 100% complete. More Pictures upon request. • 23 x Large Pieces / 4 x Small • Ramps on (1) Long Side, trim on (2) adjacent sides, Open (1) short side. • Vented Maple Trim GOLDEN – Covers gap between floor and wall. 3 pieces 2 ¾” X 8’ • Includes Floor Print, Installation Instructions, Sledge Hammer and Tap Block, Wrench for Cable Set, Screws, Driver Bits, Drill Bits and Pre Drill Guilds for Ramps and Trim. Shims, String Line and all specialty tools needed for installation. • INCLUDED – Greatmats Marley Dance Floor – Reversible Studio Flooring, 10 ft Roll, (BLACK / GREY) …..X 8 Sections …covers entire dance floor ($2,050 value) • Professionally Packed and Crated by O’Mara – Ships From O’Mara with a $500 shipping allowance included in price.

    O'Mara Sprung Floor - Cable Locked Wood Dance Flooring - 36ft x 19ft

    Zip Code:074816000

    Used O'Mara flooring, 21 pieces with cable locking for a total square footage of 684 sq. ft. Gently used, but stored for many years.