Wood Dance Floors

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Unleash Your Passion on O’Mara’s Superior Sprung Wood Dance Floors

Browse our wood dance floor collection and discover a range of premium sprung floors crafted to elevate your dance experience.

Our selection of sprung wood dance floors includes portable practice floors and home dance floors in sizes to suit your dance style and space requirements. Each panel is meticulously engineered to offer optimal shock absorption, stability, and support, ensuring a superior dance surface for dancers of all levels.

We craft all of our sprung floors to the same high-quality standards so whether you’re practicing at home or in a professional studio, our wood dance floors offer the reliability and performance you need to protect your body, expand your dancing skills, and extend your career.

What types of wood dance floors are available?

Explore our selection of premium wood dance floors designed to elevate your dance experience, including:

What are the key features of O’Mara wood dance floors?

Our sprung wood dance floors are made with the highest quality surface, finish, and materials, constructed to precision standards to offer lifelong performance, durability, and versatility. Every panel is precisely engineered to provide optimal surface finish, flexibility, shock absorption, stability, and support for dancers of all levels.

How do these wood dance floors enhance my dance practice?

Experience the difference with our sprung wood dance floors, designed to deliver a superior dance surface that supports natural movement and enhances your performance.

Practicing ballet, tap, Irish dance, or any other style, you’ll find our floors offer the perfect combination of responsiveness and resilience. Our wood dance floors are built to last, so the seams will stay tight and smooth, the panels remain flexible, and the foam holds its shape for decades. This construction allows you to have a fully supported, uninterrupted dance career.

Are these wood dance floors suitable for home and professional use?

Yes, our sprung wood dance floors are suitable for both home studios and professional dance spaces. Whether you’re setting up a practice area in your living room or outfitting a dance studio or stage, our floors provide the quality and performance you need to support your body and take your dancing to the next level.

Why should I choose O’Mara wood dance floors over the competition?

Our dance floors stand out for their premium construction. We build these sprung wood dance floors with meticulous engineering and a commitment to quality. Our floors offer unmatched performance, durability, and longevity because we manufacture our floors in the USA to fine craftsmanship quality standards, using only the highest quality materials.

Our floors are engineered to outperform and outlast the competition, with superior shock absorption, stability, and smooth precision seams. Wood dance floors manufactured by O’Mara Sprung Floors are the preferred choice for dancers and dance studios.

Designed with versatility in mind, our portable dance floors easily adapt to a variety of environments. Their portability ensures you can take your dance surface anywhere your passion leads. From studio to stage, these sprung floors are crafted for ease of transport, quick setup, and ideal shock-absorbing properties which allows you to forget the floor and focus on your performance.

Can I customize the size or design of my wood dance floor?

While our wood dance floors come in standard sizes and designs, we understand that each dance space has unique requirements. Our full-room and partial-room sprung studio floors are custom-built to fit your space. We can custom-size floors for any room.

Contact us for more information on customization options, and we’ll work with you to create a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and preferences.

What type of wood is used in these types of floors?

Our wood dance floors are crafted using premier-quality, proprietary hardwood panels utilizing sustainably sourced North American Maple, Baltic Birch, and North American Ash wood.

Our wood sourcing, panel crafting, and finishing processes have been meticulously refined over the course of decades to provide the most reliable, resilient, durable, and beautiful dance floors in the world. Because of our dedication to our craft, we can provide the best possible flooring for dancers to practice and perform their craft.

Are wood dance studio floors difficult to install?

These are specifically designed for a simple installation experience. You can hire a contractor to install your dance studio floor for you – but you don’t need to!

Most dance studio owners choose to install their new wood dance floors themselves. O’Mara Sprung Floors customers usually find that installing their dance floor is the simplest experience of building their studio. Our dance floors arrive complete with easy-to-read instructions, fully labeled panels, and all the specialty installation tools you will need. The only thing you need to provide is a #2 Phillips head driver bit to open the crate as well as a circular saw and drill to install the trim. O’Mara Floors provides a simple, stress-free journey to enjoying top-notch quality and durability in your personal dance studio. Get details >