Conner Kelly

Conner Kelly

Dance Style: Hoofing


I grew up outside of Philly on the jersey side. I fell in love with tap dance at a very early age. As a teen I studied under Robin Passmore, Jason Janas, Derrick Grant and Jared Grimes just to name a few. I toured with a cast called “TAP STARS” at the Kennedy Center & Vancouver Tap Fest.

Why is Sprung Flooring important to you?

O’Mara Sprung floors because the floor is an essential part of the music we make.

Career Highlights

Performing next to Jason Janas, Joe Webb, Chris Broughton & my brother Kyle Wilder at the Kennedy Center was something I always mention, lol. I’m also the first tap teacher for a convention called The Vault (beast tour) starting this September in SC! I’m super hype about that!