Dante Lara

Dante Lara

Dance Style: Tap


In the past decade of Tap dancing professionally, I have been able to perform and teach all around the world. The gratification I get from educating people about Tap Dance and performing, are the most important parts of my life. A lot of my audiences at gigs are unfamiliar with this beautiful art form and I’m so thankful I get to share this musical language with all ages. I grew up as a Theatre kid in the dance studio as I really didn’t have much of a choice. My mother was a Theatre Director and choreographer. Although she was never my tap teacher, she also taught Tap dance but decided to sign me up for lessons with the legendary, Alfred Desio (RIP) in downtown LA. In the early 2000’s/ Late 90’s, my life changed as I was lucky enough to meet and study briefly with some of the Legends and greats of tap dance before they passed away. My mother and the Chapman University dance Dept. chair had brought Feyard Nicholas (of the Nicholas Brothers) and even Gregory Hines (His son studied film there) to Chapman university to teach and talk about the dance. This experience really changed my life along with seeing the very last tour of Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk before it finally closed. I remember as soon as the performance ended, I decided that I was going to TAP DANCE for the rest of my life. I still remember being a young boy waiting backstage to meet Savion Glover for an autograph after Noise Funk.. and meeting Chloe Arnold! Chloe invited me to take Tap class at Debbie Allen Dance academy and shortly after that, the LA Tap fest had started. There I would meet, Arthur Duncan, Leonard Reed, Harold Cromer and many more Tap dance legends who impacted how I saw and heard Tap dance for good. I’m 32 years old now and I have been dancing non stop ever since.

Why is Sprung Flooring important to you?

I’ve been dancing almost every day for Twenty years now.. Without proper sprung flooring, I simply wouldn’t be able to still dance the way I do today. Especially with Tap dance, a quality wood floor is a must for Safety and for Sound quality! It’s very easy to get an injury if you dance on concrete or any floor not meant for Dance. These are the best portable tap floors I have ever danced on, because of how it feels and the low impact. Plain and simple.

Why do you love O'Mara Sprung Floors?

The sound quality is great and the O’Mara floor is incredibly durable and convenient. When I perform live, I don’t always have the convenience of having a microphone set up. The sprung floor is not only easy on my joints and muscles, but it also adds Volume to my performances when I dance. If you perform live, this is the only way to go. I love this board for video projects as well! Check out my instagram or youtube for examples.

Career Highlights

Honestly, I am just thankful I have the opportunity to perform for live audiences. I’ve Tap danced at every kind of occasion from Corporate events, and Weddings, to Night clubs, Bars, Jam Sessions, Mansions, Restaurants, Concerts , House parties, Tap dance festivals, Churches, School Demonstrations ..All over the streets of LA and New York City. I’ve danced for Holocaust survivors, Celebrities, Under privileged children and I’ve danced on Television. it’s truly been a blessing having these consistent opportunities to share my Dancing.