Kenji Igus

Man in suspenders crouching on a dark background, wearing a flat cap and green shoes. Man in suspenders crouching on a dark background, wearing a flat cap and green shoes. Man seated with clasped hands, wearing a dark shirt, on a blue backdrop. Man posing with bow tie and suspenders against gray backdrop, smiling confidently. Dancer performs dynamic leap in desert against clear, bright blue sky. Dancer leaps joyfully in desert, sunlight casts shadows on dry landscape.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite O'Mara Floor: Double 3 x 3 board

Kenji Igus

Dance Style: Tap


Kenji Igus has been tap dancing since the age of six and has been teaching since the age of fifteen. He has shared the stage with such tap notables as: Gregory Hines, Steve Zee, and Jimmy Slyde. Kenji can be seen tap dancing in a variety of media including doing work for ESPN, Capezio, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, The Aria of Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Garden Arena, The Voice, MTV and is also featured on Jason Derulo’s “Walk to Fame” video, Tegan and Sarah’s “Boyfriend” and Maia Mitchell’s “Talk about it” music video. Kenji is featured in the short film, SAND documenting a father and son relationship and the precedence of the lost art of the tap dance
sub-skill, sand dance. Kenji toured Africa with the legendary Jazz Tap Ensemble as a cultural ambassador representing the US Embassy, teaching and performing for the local communities. Back in the states, Kenji has choreographed two shows for Universal Studios Hollywood, Tapworx and Furious Beat the latter of which involved linking tap dance to the Fast and Furious Franchise! Kenji Has consulted on a Coen Brothers movie, “Hail, Ceasar” and starred in Rhythm is my Business, a film showcasing tap dance in the modern world sponsored by Levi’s Jeans. Most recently, Kenji is sponsored by SoDanca dance wear and is featured as a writer for a Google Arts and Culture’s editorial to bring more information on Tap Dance to the general public. Currently, Kenji can be found performing with the iconic dance show, Riverdance.

Why is Sprung Flooring important to you?

Protects my knees! Tap dance is all striking…

Why do you love O'Mara Sprung Floors?

Lightweight, great sound, easy to mic up for sound… very versatile surface.

Career Highlights


Rose Rabbit Lie at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Levi’s Jeans
Hail, Cesar!
Universal Studios