Zac Starr

Young dancer in studio wearing mismatched shoes on sprung floor system from, showcasing potential for diverse dance applications. Young dancer in studio wearing mismatched shoes on sprung floor system from, showcasing potential for diverse dance applications. Happy individual standing confidently on an O'Mara Sprung Floors sample board with company branded vehicle in background at night. Two individuals standing on a wooden sprung floor, one with long dreadlocks and the other, a young athlete in sportswear, sharing a handshake and smiling. Live performance at Hard Rock Cafe with singer on stage and bass guitarist in background, audience in foreground, highlighting vibrant stage flooring.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Favorite O'Mara Floor: 2′ x 4′ Maple Tap + Irish, Portable Practice Floor

Zac Starr

Dance Style: Tap


Bio – Zacary (Zac) Starr
Birthdate 6/28/2006
Began tap dancing Age 4
Competed to Age 12, taking many titles and first place at competitions
Attend tap dance festivals and events all over the country for 8 years
Began private lessons/mentored by Jason Samuels Smith Age 11 to Present
Also mentored by Jared Grimes and Sarah Reich
Sponsored by and paid partnership with O’Mara Sprung Floors
Bloch Dance USA Young Artist 2023
Tap Dance Assistant Instructor to Sarah Reich at Nuvo Dance Conventions 2020 to present
Tap Dance Instructor at Xtreme Dance Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Tap Dance Performer at Chicago Tap Summit Concert
Tap Dance Performance in Kansas City at Lonnie’s Reno Club
Tap Dancer at Moore’s Place jam sessions in Jersey City with Winard Harper and Band 2/2022 to Present.
Tap Dance Performer at restaurants, pubs, and events in Pittsburgh and surrounding area 2022 to Present
Television interviews and performances on CBS/KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live Show, 5/2022, PCTV The Lens 10/2022, CBS Pitt to the Point 2/2023

Why is Sprung Flooring important to you?

What makes O’Mara floors so special to me is that not only do they protect my body while I dance, but they also have great sounds for tap dancing!

Why do you love O'Mara Sprung Floors?

I love O’Mara floors because they are so durable and last for years upon years. I still have my first board I got around 6 years ago, and it still is good to tap on and has a great sound too!

Career Highlights

Performing as a tap dance performer for the first time at Moore’s Club in Jersey City with and thanks to Jason Samuels Smith in February 2022 and also Jason gifting me a new pair of his brand name exclusive silver Bloch tap shoes that night.

Being on the Pittsburgh Today Live Show on CBS on Memorial Day 2023.

Performing a few times at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh in 2022.

Performing in Kansas City, MO with Lonnie McFadden and Sarah Reich at Lonnie’s Reno Club in April 2023.