Portable Yoga Platform

Yoga Boards

Yoga Boards

The Yoga Board is designed to bring peace of mind to your practice by having a dedicated spot that gives you freedom to perfect your practice. The Yoga Board helps you develop robust balance and healthy joints on a floor that reduces pressure and supports your foundation.

A Yoga Platform that's Portable
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Bring your Practice Home with a Floor that Provides Stability

Perfect your form with a beautiful, functional yoga floor that allows you room to move beyond the mat.

Man on Portable Yoga Platform
The Right Grip

The Right Grip

On an O’Mara Yoga Board, mats are optional. These floors give you a safe, supportive surface with just the right grip to keep you honest and stable.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Avoid the biggest drawback of yoga by getting rid of your smelly practice room mat. The O’Mara Yoga Board is easy to keep clean with a water-only wipe down. The finish is designed so you can use your favorite essential oils within the cleaning process.



O’Mara Yoga Boards reduce pressure on joints and keep your practice comfortable all while stabilizing your flow.


Hear it From Our Clients

From the moment the floor arrived your meticulous attention to detail was evident. The way it came crated blew me away. Nothing was left to chance, everything was secured and protected. It said a lot without saying a word. Rita called me earlier today after completing her first class..... "The floor made all the difference in the world" was her quote.

Roger & Rita O.


We are happy with the floor. The shipping was secure and done well. So everything is good. The floor is expensive but you can tell it is higher quality. I am actually using the floor in a 4 by 8 pattern right now since the 8 by 8 was slightly big for my space right now but at least I can expand it when ready. So I love the fact that you can change the size of the floor. Keep up the good work!!

Rick S.


Everyone from the architect to the GC to - as I've been told - the end-user are happy with the results. As a Project Manager, I was particularly happy to see that the kit included the tools necessary to do the job, so no guessing as to what type of wrench or mallet should be used.

Jose S.

New York, USA

I really love the craftsmanship, ingenuity, care of packing and even providing a 3 lb sledgehammer. How thoughtful.

Edi V.


Every person I dealt with was thoughtful, careful, highly organized, knew the product, had a customer-comes-first attitude. I’ll never get over calling for the first time and getting Mr. O’Mara, himself on the phone. Building my studio had a huge number of hassles associated with it. I found it to be exhausting and often, frustrating. The one part of the project that always went smoothly, that never had a single problem associated with it, was the O’Mara Floor. I honestly cannot thank you enough. If I ever need another floor or if anyone I know ever does, it’s only O’Mara!!!

Eleanor S.

Colorado, USA

I installed one of your competitor’s floors just before this one and you blew the competition away on customer service, delivery time, quality, and ease of installation. The competitor’s salesperson was ignorant about the product, the floors was not on time and was damaged. Huge advocate of your product!

Forrester G.


I absolutely love the floor, how it looks in our home, and thrilled with how easy it was to assemble!

Heidi E.


We installed the floors on Saturday and everything went very well.  Floor is down and it looks great! The process was easy to follow.  Once we got the first row installed, the rest was easy. Thanks again for such a great floor!  The craftsmanship really shows!

Jerry C.


Ideal Surface Anywhere

Improve your balance and form with a solid foundation, even on carpeted floors. Say goodbye to the frustration of unstable surfaces and hello to long, comfortable balancing poses. Give your body the support it needs to practice with proper form and feel the difference in your performance.

Woman on Portable Yoga Platform

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