Made in the USA

Founded in family, love, and a drive for perfection, O'Mara Sprung Floors manufactures sprung dance flooring in the heart of Flint, MI. Ed O’Mara spent many sleepless nights problem-solving while building a dance studio for his wife. During the long process, he saw the need for a simple system making sprung floors accessible to anyone, giving all dancers the opportunity to practice on a quality, cushioned floor to protect their bodies and careers. Twenty years later, Ed, Mary, and their two children are still working together to build portable sprung dance floors for homes and studios worldwide. Our floors are expertly crafted to last lifetimes, each one custom-sized to fit its space during the manufacturing process. These resilient wood floors, cushioned with foam pads and designed for portability and simple installation, are accessible to those without any construction experience; an eight foot by eight foot home practice floor is easily ready to dance on within just minutes.

At O’Mara Sprung Floors, respect for materials and process is evident the moment you step foot inside the building. Spacious and well-lit, with an excellent sound system for post-lunch tunes, and sprung floors underfoot, this manufacturing facility is a work of art in itself. Walls are stacked floor to ceiling with top-quality Wisconsin Ash and Maple panels. Each screwdriver and pair of scissors has its place outlined in permanent marker above its respective workplace. A place of detailed processes, triple-checks, mental calculations and physical prowess, this shop feels good to walk into every morning. The energy is palpable – every employee loves working there. College students return summer after summer to work during our busiest season, enjoying the camaraderie, passion for detail, and pursuit of excellence. The workspace is a testament to our company’s pride and craftsmanship.

American made is local; family, friends, a man doing something for his wife out of love. At O’Mara Sprung Floors, we source most of our raw materials and parts from Michigan and Wisconsin. We rely on the work ethic of local high school and college students, as well as the knowledge and skills of elderly craftsmen in our community. Raw materials sourced in America, crafted by American citizens is at the heart of what will bring the economy back to the people. By purchasing locally-sourced, locally-crafted goods, we support our communities, and fellow Americans. With our small, Flint, Michigan manufacturing company, we look to expand the manufacturing base and employment opportunities in our local community, and encourage others to do the same. We take great pride in the effort and innovation of Americans who have gone before us, and paved the way for us to use our abilities to make beautiful products in our hometown, that can be sold in our country and abroad.

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