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Ash Sprung Floor 24X19
Floor Description

O’Mara Ash Sprung Wood Floor. Fits 24 x 19 room but can be reconfigured. 4 doorway opening ledges, 1 outside ledge/protector, all the tools to assemble, vented trim plus extra, shims for uneven floors, extra cushions, all original instructions and chart. It is designed for anyone with some knowledge of handy work can assemble. No need for a subfloor or other treatments. This floor moves with you and gives as you walk, jump, dance to absorb 70% of the shock. It is the most amazing flooring ever and no regrets. I don’t have a studio to put it in now. It got very little use due to Covid and is in pristine condition. The large pic from the studio reflects the actual color accurately. It doesn’t just snap together. It is a true sprung floor and tightened with cables underneath. The flat trim helps hold it in place. Used for dance, fitness with soft shoes, aerobics, etc. This is the best floor in the biz and comes with a plaque to help advertise that you offer this.

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