The most important part of any dance floor is the suspension system. O’Mara Sprung Floors provide 70% shock absorption to protect your body.

Carpentry skills are not necessary to assemble these floors. Every O’Mara Sprung Floor arrives custom-sized to fit. You can install it yourself using our patented cable system. 1600 square feet can be installed in a day. The cables also allow your floor to be easily removed and re-assembled in a new location.

Made in the U.S.A., our Ash and Maple floors are both a subfloor and finish floor in one; no other dance surface is necessary. These are finished with our ceramic urethane, the hardest, longest-wearing finish in the industry. Our unfinished Birch panels are designed to be covered with a marley-style dance vinyl.

The profile of an O’Mara dance floor is 1.5″. Optional ramps create a smooth transition between your sprung dance floor and existing subfloor.

Installed, an O’Mara Sprung dance floor sits 1.5″ away from each wall. Vented trim covers the gap between the dance floor and the walls; it lays flat on the dance surface, goes up the wall .75″ and extends into the room 2.75″. This vented trim allows for airflow beneath the floor, while providing a finished look to the space.

Cable System Install
Cable System Install
Foam Blocks
Foam Blocks
Vented Trim Dance Floor
Vented Trim
Transition Ramp Dance Floor
Transition Ramp

Golden Maple Dance Floor
Golden Maple 3200
Golden Ash Dance Floor
Golden Ash 3200
Birch with Studiofloor
Birch with Studiofloor
Birch Dance Floor with Mezzafloor
Birch with Mezzafloor


Foam Blocks are placed one every square foot. These provide an evenly resilient floor. The foam blocks are attached to the underside of your floor. The layout and thickness have been precisely determined to provide the shock absorption and resilience dancers need. As a result, they help protect against impact injuries caused by hard unyielding floors.

Floor Height is 1 1/2″ from the base of the foam blocks to the top surface. The foam blocks are 3/4″ thick. Our solid core hardwood veneer panels are also 3/4″ thick.

Hardwood Panels have been carefully selected to provide dimensional stability. Each piece is sealed on the top, bottom, and all sides to prevent moisture damage to plywood. This also improves its warp resistance and size stability, resulting in a beautiful and durable dance floor. Our Maple Sprung Floor and Ash Sprung Floor are finished with our revolutionary, ceramic urethane. Please note there are sometimes coloration differences between panels, as wood is a natural product and has variations in color.

Tongue and Groove Seams are precision machined. The tongues and grooves are engineered for exacting tolerances, providing almost unnoticeable seams.

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