Sprung Floors For Yoga

Your practice will be smoother and safer when practiced on a quiet, resilient yoga floor from O’Mara Sprung Floors. Suspended above an existing hard surface, O’Mara performance flooring uses material designed to absorb shock, providing an even and consistent resiliency. Stress injuries can result from working out or practicing yoga on a concrete floor or concrete covered with a vinyl. In contrast, a good sprung floor absorbs energy, even returning some of it back to the user. Not only is O’Mara yoga flooring ergonomically correct and comfortable for students and practitioners, but it offers additional advantages to studio and home owners: ease of installation, portability, flexible sizing, and durability. The portable panels can be installed to create your yoga flooring without any need for carpentry skills, using our patented Clamp and Cable System, which comes with its own tool kit. After the cables are laid out, interlocking panels are positioned atop the cables and secured with the clamps. For yoga practice we recommend either our O’Mara Maple Sprung Floor or O’Mara Ash Sprung Floor.

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