Anti-Fatigue Flooring Advantages

The New Anti-Fatigue Solution

The ergonomic flooring and anti-fatigue floor mat industry has seen little innovation in recent decades. But our sprung floors are changing that.

We’ve developed and refined our ergonomic sprung floors over the past two and a half decades to far surpass and outlast the performance and lifespan of your typical anti-fatigue rubber floor mat. Our floors not only improve the user’s health, wellness, vitality and safety but also provide a long-term return on your investment.

Spring into the future of ergonomic floor mats with the solution that’s a step ahead of the rest!

Invigorate Your Production Line

The benefits of installing an O’Mara floor extend all the way from the employee, to the financials, to the overall workplace environment. 

Our resilient wood panels and 70% shock absorption rating means your employees will experience more energy throughout the day, leading to decreased employee turnover, increased productivity, and fewer disability claims.

Employees using O’Mara Sprung Floors have more energy during the day. Standing and walking on unyielding floors and worn out anti-fatigue floor mats causes common problems including knee and back pain, varicose veins, joint injury, and depleted energy levels. O’Mara ergonomic floors are designed to eliminate the discomfort, pain, and long-term injury associated with working on bad floors.

Long-Term Investment

While your standard, anti-fatigue mats are an expense, O’Mara sprung floors go on the books as an asset! They are both portable and permanent; a custom solution for your space, and a piece of equipment that stays with your company, improving worker retention, happiness, and health.

Increased Product Life

Our floors are made with resilient wood panels and cushioning foam blocks that boast a like-new performance life of over 20 years. Not to mention, we use the hardest, longest-wearing urethane in the industry. This means your floors will well outlast the employment term of the average worker.

Comprehensive support is fundamental to O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors. Proprietary hardwood panels provide sure footing and a uniform surface. Workers feet are fully supported, eliminating the sinking and instability associated with rubber anti-fatigue mats.

Every anti-fatigue floor has a slip-resistant finish. Each floor panel joins to the next with an integrated tongue and groove system. Engineered for exacting tolerances, this near-seamless integration combined with our hi-vis transition ramps creates a safety-first anti-fatigue system that flows naturally from your current surface to our sprung floor.

Advantages of Sprung Anti-Fatigue Floors vs. Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats

Relieves Pain

  • Absorbs shock and returns energy
  • 70% shock absorption rating is unparalleled

Require Little Maintenance

  • Industrial finish is tough and durable, standing up to wear and tear
  • Daily dirt and grime wipes away with ease

Stable Underfoot

  • Stable wood panel surface means you’ll never sink into the floor
  • Slip-resistant finish keeps your footing sure and steady

Extra-Long Product Life

  • The O’Mara sprung floor is an asset
  • Count product life in decades, not years
Anti-Fatigue Floors Benefit Employee Health

I’ve been meaning to email and thank you for all of your assistance and support with setting up our floor.  We are very happy with it and the dancers like it as well.

Alexandra O’Donnell

Community School of Ballet, MI

This floor is amazing. It is a great surface for all forms of dance. I do tap, swing, modern and martial arts. It looks great and the cushioning is superb. I couldn’t be happier from the ease of assembly, maintenance and helpful staff at O’Mara – I am completely satisfied with this top of the line product. The quality of the floor and the tooling is superb. Don’t give it a second thought if you are comparing with other manufacturers. Get the O’Mara Sprung Floors for total satisfaction!

Theresa Ouano

Poise Pilates, HI

An O’Mara floor is definitely worth the investment. It is truly a sprung floor which means no more pain in the lower extremities. Also, Mary and Ed were extremely helpful. Anytime we needed help or something changed on our part we always received an immediate phone call. I truly appreciate that Ed called us back at 7:30am to answer a question and the fact that Mary was able to work with our architect and the shipping company. Thank you for all your help Mary and Ed…it was truly appreciated.

Aimee Minarich

Pizzazz Dance Center, NJ

I am extremely happy with the floor…it’s extraordinary.

Mizu Desierto

The Headwaters, OR

We are excited about our beautiful floor! In fact, we are “Dancing on Air”!! That’s what we advertise “Come and dance on air at Dance Whirl”! Thank you for all of your help, guidance and everything in getting this wonderful floor. All of the dancers, even our beginners, really appreciate it.

Mike James

Dance Whirl, TX