Portable Anti Fatigue Floors

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Whether you work at a desk, on your knees plumbing or are constantly walking around a factory, O’Mara Sprung Floors offers small, portable anti-fatigue floors for standing or kneeling. We also build larger custom floors for factory lines, cubicles or large open work sites.

Reduce fatigue and support your overall well-being in your home, kitchen, garage, or industrial settings. O’Mara Anti Fatigue Floors are available in a variety of sizes to suit different activities  and spaces. Compared to traditional rubber anti fatigue mats, our flexible wood anti fatigue floor mats provide better stability, surface reliability, longevity, and custom finish options which make them ideal for areas as diverse as industrial welding stations and office standing desks.

With multiple finish options to choose from, anti fatigue flooring supports the efficiency and productivity of your workspace. In addition, O’Mara Anti Fatigue Floors are portable, easy to set up, and proudly manufactured in Flint, Michigan for guaranteed quality craftsmanship and durability.

What size options are available for portable anti fatigue floors?

Our portable anti fatigue floors come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs and spaces. If you have a custom size requirement, please request an estimate. Standard available sizes include:

What features make this flooring suitable for kitchen floors?

Our anti-fatigue flooring turns your kitchen into a haven of comfort. The flexible wood floors combined with their nano-ceramic non-porous finish make clean-up a breeze while offering comfortable support for the most important role of a functioning home. Give your in-home chef renewed energy with O’Mara Sprung Floors.

Why are sprung anti-fatigue floors better than traditional rubber anti-fatigue mats?

Sprung Anti-Fatigue Floors are a revolutionary ergonomic upgrade, offering better stability, surface reliability and longevity than old-school rubber anti-fatigue mats.

What finish options are available for O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors?

As industry experts, we have developed a variety of finish options to suit the dynamic requirements of industrial, factory, and office settings.

Our finish solutions include:

  • A heavy-duty anti-static rubber finish for welding stations
  • Aggressively textured black polyurea finish for the ultimate safety
  • Slip-resistance in places where fluids end up on the floor
  • High-visibility safety yellow transition ramps for industrial manufacturing factory settings
  • Long-lasting, non-porous, durable nano-ceramic urethane applied directly over our gorgeous Ash or Maple wood for your upgraded everyday office spaces, walking lines and standing desks.

How do anti-fatigue floors improve the work-from-home experience?

Working from home is more productive and easier to get to when your office floor draws you in with its beauty and allure as the most comfortable place to stand in the house. O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors bring aesthetic value, renewed focus, and increased energy to your home office, standing desk and work-from-home experience.

The stable and forgiving nature of all O’Mara Sprung Floors help your body feel better, decreasing pain and increasing available attention for the task at hand.

How do anti-fatigue floors optimize the trade show experience compared to cushioned carpet floors?

One simple addition to your trade show booth creates a greater influx of potential clients with a point of instant connection where pleasant interactions and conversation flow smoothly. In short: win friends and influence people with the most comfortable floor in the expo room.

Everyone who steps into your booth will feel the care and intention that you put into every aspect of your business when they stand on your O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floor. Everyone notices the relief of stepping onto a beautiful, forgiving surface after standing and walking on carpet covered concrete all day. When you have an O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floor underfoot, your trade show booth is the place to be.

How do O’Mara Anti-fatigue floors improve energy levels?

Our anti-fatigue floors take the pain away. Instead of your focus and energy being zapped by hard concrete and unforgiving surfaces, you’ll feel noticeably better in your body. You’ll have more energy for the task at hand with flexible wooden O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors that are built to provide a stable surface supporting your joints, feet and back and relieving the pain you’d normally experience after a long day at work.

Are portable anti fatigue floors simple to transport?

O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Flooring is designed for portability. Our single-piece standing stations are easy to pick up and carry with their included carrying handle. While our large custom-size floors pack onto our rolling carts with our patented assembly system, O’Mara floors are simple to transport and install. These traveling carts are especially good for transporting your customized anti-fatigue trade show flooring from show to show with ease.

Can I connect multiple portable anti fatigue floors for a larger surface area?

Yes, you can! Our portable sprung anti-fatigue floor panels easily connect with each other, so you can create a larger surface area as needed. When you’re configuring your workspace, the modular floor design offers flexibility and versatility.

Let us know how you intend to use your floor and we will help you find the right configuration option for your space. It’s important to know how you want your floor panels to connect before making your anti-fatigue floor purchase.

Where are these floors manufactured?

Our portable anti fatigue sprung floors are proudly manufactured in Flint, Michigan, by seasoned craftsmen utilizing proprietary panels made of locally sourced wood,  and premier finishes. You can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality product. Each floor is built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use.

How do I maintain my anti fatigue floor?

Cleaning and maintaining your portable fitness floor is simple. For daily cleaning, damp mop floors with water only.

Depending on usage, daily, every few days, or at a minimum, weekly, mop surface with a clean microfiber mop head using AquaSport Wood Floor Cleaner or Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean (other chemicals may leave slippery residue) mixed according to manufacturer’s directions.

Using 16 oz. spray bottle, spray 1 to 2 floor panels at a time and mop with microfiber cleaning pad attached to a flat head mop. Do not use soaps or detergents. Do not use wax or silicone based polishes, paste waxes, or solvent or pine based cleaners on wood floors. They will change the slip-resistance of the floor. If these contaminants do get on the floor surface, clean with Basic Coatings IFT followed by Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean.