Enhance Your Performance

You work hard to put together the perfect performance and your floors should work even harder to make that process easier on you. Our floors not only absorb energy, but also push energy back into your body…making dancers less fatigued with every step, jump and leap.

As your dance career takes you to different cities, new studios, or traveling performances, our floors will move with you. Completely portable, our cable system allows your floor to be easily removed and re-assembled in your new location.

A hard-working floor will continue to provide for your dancing needs for years and years to come. Our hardwood panels have been carefully selected to provide dimensional stability. Each piece is sealed on the top, bottom, and all sides to prevent moisture damage to plywood. This also improves its warp resistance and size stability, resulting in a beautiful and durable dance floor. Our Maple Sprung Floor and Ash Sprung Floor are finished with our revolutionary, ceramic urethane.

Invigorate Your Health

It is essential a dancer protects every hard-working bone and muscle which can only be done with a sprung floor…most importantly, the suspension system. O’Mara Sprung Floors provide 70% shock absorption to protect your body from injury and strain. The layout and thickness of the foam blocks underneath our sprung floors have been precisely determined to provide the shock absorption and resilience dancers need.

The last thing a dancer needs to worry about is avoiding seams in their dance floor. Our tongue and groove seams are precision machined and engineered for exacting tolerances, providing almost unnoticeable seams that avoid potential trip hazards.