Portable Dance Floor Samples

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Our dance floor samples are a great way to experience our floor options as you’re making your sprung flooring choice.  Our scaled-down portable dance floor sample options include 6″ x 6″ and 2′ x 2′ sprung dance floor samples as well as our marley-style dance vinyl, including all color options of ourstage floor vinyl samples and ballet floor vinyl samples.

We also offer architect sample packages which feature our entire line of sprung dance floors as well as our fitness and anti-fatigue floors, plus ramp and trim options.

Our sprung dance floor samples provide a firsthand experience of the high quality wood panels, integrated tongue and grooves, surface texture, flexibility, and shock absorption of our floors, while our vinyl samples are a great way to help in choosing the color that best fits your dance studio aesthetic.

With our architect sample package, you’ll get access to valuable product information and specifications to guide your design decisions. Whether you’re a studio owner, architect, or designer, our samples offer the perfect opportunity to evaluate the quality and performance of our floors before making a significant investment.

What types of sprung floor samples are available?

Find a variety of scaled-down portable dance floor samples to help you make informed decisions about floor purchases, including.

  • 6″ x 6″ Sprung Dance Floor Sample: Experience a scaled-down version of our sprung dance floors with our 6” x 6” sprung floor samples which offer a tactile feel of the surface and showcase the resiliency and shock absorption. You’ll see the natural variations in color and grain of the wood as well as the quality and durability of our floor panels. This is a great size to order several and see the differences between wood types.
  • 2′ x 2′ Sprung Dance Floor Sample: Our 2′ x 2′ sprung floor sample is large enough for you to jump on the panel and feel the shock absorption, resiliency, finish and quality. This sample shows the precision engineering of our integrated tongue and groove seams and it is a great size for showing your investors and team as you finalize your flooring decision.
  • Stage Floor Vinyl Sample: Discover our stage floor dance vinyl, a Marley-style solution favored by competitive dance studios for its versatility. Designed for multiple dance styles (excluding tap). Available in two colors: gray and black.
  • Ballet Floor Vinyl Sample:Experience our ballet floor dance vinyl, perfect for ballet studios with its Marley-style surface and ideal for pointe work without rosin. Durable enough for tap and Irish hard shoes, it’s available in four colors: Concrete, Fog, Stone, and Night.
  • Architect Sample Package: Our sample package designed specifically for architects provides information, specifications, and samples of all our wood and finish options from sprung dance flooring to anti-fatigue flooring, including ramps, vented trim, and roll-out vinyl surfaces.

What can I expect from the sprung dance floor samples?

Our samples let you experience the quality and performance of our sprung floors firsthand. With the 6″ x 6″ sample, you can see the precision tongue and groove seams and get a feel for the surface, quality and durability of our sprung floors.

The 2′ x 2′ sample is a scaled-down version of our full size panels, allowing you to feel the shock absorption, slip-resistance and surface feel with your own two feet.

These samples also showcase the integrated tongues and grooves, so that before making your investment, you can inspect the precision that creates our quality seams and feel the flexibility, shock absorption and durable finish.

What are the features of the Stage Floor Vinyl and Ballet Floor Vinyl samples?

Our Stage Floor Vinyl sample offers a small-size experience for you to feel our Marley-style dance vinyl which is suitable for competitive dance studios offering various dance styles. This roll-out vinyl surface is available in gray or black. Please note that pointe work requires the use of rosin, and this vinyl surface is not designed for tap or other percussive styles.

On the other hand, our Ballet Floor Vinyl sample is perfect for ballet studios, providing a Marley-style surface that doesn’t require rosin for pointe work and this surface is also durable enough to withstand percussive dancing, including tap.

What does the Architect Sample Package include?

The Architect Sample Package from O’Mara Sprung Floors contains valuable product information, specifications, and samples of all our products.

It includes samples of our sprung dance and fitness flooring, sprung anti-fatigue flooring, ramps, trim and roll-out vinyl surfaces. It provides architects and designers with everything necessary to make informed decisions about incorporating our products into current and future projects.

Why should I consider purchasing sprung dance floor samples before making a larger investment?

Our samples let you assess the quality, performance, and suitability of our floors for your specific needs before making a larger purchase. By experiencing the surface finish, shock absorption, and overall feel of our sprung floors firsthand, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your requirements and preferences.

How do the ballet floor samples enhance the studio flooring selection process?

Our ballet floor vinyl samples offer a practical solution for studio owners who want to assess the suitability of our Marley-style vinyl for their ballet studios. With options available in various shades, you can evaluate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our roll-out vinyl surfaces.

Whether it’s for ballet, tap, or other dance styles, our ballet floor vinyl samples provide valuable insights into sound production, durability, and maintenance requirements.

What advantages do the stage floor vinyl samples offer for competitive dance studios?

Stage floor vinyl samples give competitive dance studios the chance to test the performance and durability of our Marley-style vinyl surfaces. Our samples are suitable for multiple dance styles, offering enhanced traction and support during intense rehearsals and performances.

By evaluating the grip, slip resistance, and overall feel of our vinyl surfaces, studio owners can make informed decisions that promote safety and performance for their dancers.