Which Sprung Floor Is For You?

O'Mara dance floor options are varied to meet the needs of every studio. Read on to find your best sprung flooring solution.

Golden Maple 3200 Sprung Dance Floor:

This is both a sprung subfloor and finish floor in one. Made with Hard Maple sustainably sourced from Michigan, Wisconsin and Canadian forests, it is specially constructed to provide the sound of hardwood along with a durable, slip resistant ceramic urethane finish. We recommend this dance floor for all styles of dance. It is the best choice for hard-shoe percussive forms of dance, like tap, Irish and Flamenco. Our Maple dance floor is an excellent choice for tap studios and studios teaching multiple forms of dance, where tap is a large part of the program. A quick damp mop after every tap class will remove the aluminum-oxide residue created by tap shoes, and keep the floor clean. Use a solution of 1:4 Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner to water for best results. These dance floors are custom-manufactured to fit your space, and arrive on-site ready for assembly. With our patented clamp and cable system, installation is a breeze. No need to hire a contractor or flooring installer: our floors are true DIY installations.

Golden Ash 3200, Sprung Dance Floor:

Made in the USA with real wood sourced from with renewable forestry practices. These floors are built to last a lifetime. 4' x 4' panels are held together with a patented clamp and cable system, for easy assembly and portability. Tongue and groove panels fit together like brickwork. No two corners touch. The panels interlock to form one cohesive unit, with seams so tight, they're near invisible. A living, breathing floor - it moves with you. 70% shock absorption protects your body. Less wear on your backs, on your joints, and on your career -- you will be able to to dance longer, harder, stronger. These Michigan White Ash sprung dance floor panels are recommended for fitness and all forms of dance. Finished with our durable, slip-resistant ceramic urethane, this is both a sprung subfloor and finish floor in one. Great for studios with multiple dance forms.

Birch Sprung Subfloor:

Our Birch Sprung Subfloor is just that. High-quality, unfinished birch panels, designed to be covered with a roll-out marley style dance vinyl. We have two different dance vinyl options, which you can read about on the dance vinyl tab.

Vinyl Dance Floor Surface:

Mezzafloor dance vinyl provides the appropriate controlled speed for ballroom, ballet floors, tap floors, character, hip hop, Irish, jazz, and modern dance. This type of marley dance vinyl is extremely durable and designed to take many years of abuse from dance styles such as tap or flamenco. Pointe will require use of rosin. Available in Light Marbled Grey, Marbled Grey, Dark Marbled Grey, and Black.

Studiofloor dance vinyl offers excellent resistance attractive to ballet, and pointe dancers. Available in Light Grey, Grey, Deep Grey, and Black.

Duofloor dance vinyl is a reversible, roll-out dance floor for touring. It will accommodate ballet, modern, tap and jazz. It is an excellent choice for pointe work when on tour. Available in Black with Grey as a second side.

O'Mara Floor Guide: Choose the best sprung floor for your dance studio or fitness center.

Style Requirements Best Floor Alternate Floor
Ballet Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Ballet + Pointe Friction Birch + Studiofloor Vinyl Maple or Ash, use rosin
Ballroom Smooth Seams, Slip Resistance, Beauty Maple Ash
Combo + Tap Sound, Versatility Maple Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Combo, No Tap Versatility Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Fitness + iron weights Durability Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Fitness + rubber bumper plates Durability Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Fitness, no weights Versatility Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Flamenco Sound, Durability Maple
Highland Slip Resistance, Durability, Sound Ash Maple
Hip Hop Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Indian Classical Slip Resistance Ash Maple
Irish, Hard Shoe Slip Resistance, Durability Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl Maple
Irish, Soft Shoe Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Jazz Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Lyrical Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Modern Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor Vinyl
Swing Tight Seams, Beauty Maple Ash
Tap Sound, Durability Maple Ash
Yoga Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor
Zumba Slip Resistance Ash Birch + Mezzafloor
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