Gardiner Brothers

Gardiner Brothers

Dance Style: Irish


We (The Gardiner Brothers- Michael and Matthew) are American born Irish Dancers living in Galway, Ireland. We have over 5.5 million followers, over 400 million views on social media, have won over 40 major Irish dancing titles between us and have performed to audiences all over the globe since joining the world famous Riverdance cast. We are known for our fast paced and rhythmic style of dance that they developed after training at the Hession School of Irish Dance in Galway, Ireland and for pushing the boundaries of Irish Dancing on social media, showing how modern and versatile it has become.

Why is Sprung Flooring important to you?

Sprung flooring is important to us because it ensures a safe and healthy way for us to create our viral social media videos wherever we go! Especially because they are portable!! As Irish dancers, we really do ‘hit the floor’ hard and so our legs need proper shock absorption from the impact on the hard ground. Sprung flooring prevents injuries for us and prolongs our dance careers on and off the stage!

Why do you love O'Mara Sprung Floors?

We love O’Mara Sprung Floors because they are beautifully made in terms of structure and aesthetics. We need the floors to be robust but bouncy and because we use them for social media purposes, we need the floors to be aesthetically pleasing but also grippy enough for us to dance on…which they are!

Career Highlights

We are very fortunate to be able to say that we have won 5 World Championship titles in Irish dancing and over 40 Major Championship titles. We are also principal dancers in the world famous phenomenon ‘Riverdance’. More recently, we have grown a successful social media following of over 5.5 million followers across all platforms and now have over 400 million views in total!
We have had the honor of performing with and for some amazing people and events such as Pope Francis, The Denver Broncos and Ed Sheeran and The FIFA World Cup as well as The Rugby Six Nations Championships.
In 2022, we collaborated with some amazing brands such as Hugo Boss and Visit Dubai, creating a full scale feature film that was designed to encourage tourism from Ireland to Dubai and vice versa.