Gerson Lanza

Gerson Lanza

Dance Style: Tap


Originally from La Ceiba, Honduras, Gerson first encountered the art form of tap dance after moving to New York City in 2001. He immediately fell in love with the art form after his first exposure. He began his tap dance training under Omar Edwards at Wadleigh Secondary School for the Visual and Performing Arts, located in the heart of New York’s Harlem neighborhood.
After nearly two decades of a fruitful career as an educator, performer, and choreographer, Gerson continues to find new ground. He recently has been chosen as one of six Strathmore Artists in Residence, featured in Jacob’s Pillow 2022 Summer Festival and the Guggenheim Work and Progress Series where he performed with Leo Sandoval’s & Gregory Richardson’s Music from the Sole company and headline the Millennium Stage at Kennedy Center with his jazz quartet in Washington D.C..
As a dance educator, Gerson has served as a consultant and presenter for the 92 Street Y newest curriculum “Tracing Footsteps” currently being taught by performing arts educators in New York City. In addition to his commitment to his professional career as a dancer, Gerson’s scholarly research is based on the African diaspora and its connection to Latin America, using tap dance as the throughline to build community and awareness.
Lastly, Gerson is now in his third year at the University of Maryland pursuing a Master’s in Fine Arts in Dance and Performance Studies.

Why is Sprung Flooring important to you?

Being a dancer is a career for which our longevity depends on our body’s willingness to continue pushing. A dancing career is demanding and requires a conscious effort of self-care. As a tap dancer, proper flooring is a form of self-care. All dancers must dance on a sprung floor to extend the longevity of their dancing career as a performer, choreographers, and educators. I take this seriously. Sprung floors are detrimental to protecting our health and well-being to continue performing the work we love.

Career Highlights

Ayodele Casel’s City Center, Choreographer, Performer –Featured in the New York Times as choreographic Debut at New York City Center ” Hoofers Memory Lab”

Bonita Lestina Performing Arts Series ( Fairfax, VA)

University of Central Missouri Guest Artist 2023

Fall for Dance with Music From the Sole 2022

American College Dance Association Dance Conference Choreography presentation
ACDA GALA ( Long Beach) work selected to present at Jacob’s Pillow 2023

Oye Como Va!! University of Maryland Latin American and Caribbean Studies Annual Conference