Mauricio Fernandez

Smiling dancer posing in front of rustic wooden doors, showcasing tap dance style. Smiling dancer posing in front of rustic wooden doors, showcasing tap dance style. Dancer mid-jump demonstrating flexibility and skill on a city street. Dancer mid-air, showcasing flexibility and control on sprung floor. Dancer mid-air near brick wall showcasing sprung floor flexibility and performance.

Hometown: Puebla, Mexico

Favorite O'Mara Floor: 8′ x 8′ Maple Tap + Irish, Sprung Dance Floor

Mauricio Fernandez

Dance Style: Tap and Ballet


Mauricio Fernandez is originally from Mexico where he received his early training at Estudio de Danza Antoinette de Puebla. To further his dance education abroad he attended, on full scholarship, the Boston Ballet School, Orlando Ballet, Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet in New York City, Idyllwild Arts Academy, City Ballet of Iowa and Milwaukee Ballet. He has performed with several ballet companies including Compania de Danza Antoinette in Mexico, Inland Pacific Ballet, Orlando Ballet, Western Chicago Ballet, Hinsdale Ballet Theatre, Springfield Ballet, DanceWest Ballet, Albany Berkshire Ballet, Kentucky Ballet Theatre and the Chicago Repertory Ballet. Mauricio is a Tap Gold medalist at Confederacion Inter-Americana de Profesionales de la Danza (CIAD), Intrancefest Tec de Monterrey and received first overall at several international dance competitions. He was a semifinalist in the Spotlight Awards of the Music Center of Los Angeles in 2012 and of the Youth America Grand Prix in 2015. In 2013 Mauricio received the Youth of Mexico Award for his achievements in the arts and has been recognized by AGMA as an Artist of Extraordinary Ability. In 2018 Mauricio relocated to the Chicago area and decided to further his tap dance studies with the Chicago Human Rhythm Project “Stone Soup Rhythms” and Tapman Productions. He has taken part of CHRP’s Rhythm World Festival and MADD Rhythm’s Chicago Tap Summit and had the privilege to study with tap dance masters such as Dianne “Lady Di” Walker, Sam Weber, Brill Barret, Daniel Borak, Star Dixon, Nico Rubio, Martin Dumas, Jason Janas, Charles Renato, Ted Louis Levy among others. Most recently, Mauricio was an Apprentice of the CHRP’s Stone Soup Rhythms Tap Company in 2019, a company dancer with Teater Vanemuine’s Ballet in Estonia for their 2020-2021 season and a Guest Artist with South Chicago Dance Theatre for their 2021-2022 season. He is on faculty at Impact Dance Studio, Sheer Elite International and Celebration Talent Dance Convention.

Why is Sprung Flooring important to you?

As a dancer I have always understood and appreciated the importance of taking care of our body to allow it to perform and train at the highest level possible. There is many things that go into it from having the right training, a healthy diet and fitness regimen to having the proper tools. Having proper sprung flooring for dancers allows us to avoid injuries and guarantees the longevity of our careers.

Why do you love O'Mara Sprung Floors?

Ever since the first time I danced on an O’Mara Sprung Floor board, I fell in love with them and the high quality of their products. I know that when I’m dancing on my O’Mara Sprung Floor, I’m always going to be heard, my sounds are always going to be sharp, clear and clean. I recently suffered a sever spinal cord injury that left me temporarily paralyzed and dance has been a huge part of my healing. As I continue t0 recover and get back to dancing and teaching, I’m always confident that my O’Mara Sprung Floor is taking care of my body and allowing me to push through those long days of 5+ hours of teaching and practicing without damaging my body.

Career Highlights

South Chicago Dance Theatre Teatre Vanemuine Chicago Human Rhythm Project “Stone Soup Rhythms Chicago Repertory Ballet Kentucky Ballet Theatre Orlando Ballet AGMA recognized as Artist of Extraordinary Abilities Music Center of Los Angeles Spotlight Awards Semifinalist Youth of Mexico Award Sheer Elite International and Celebration Talent Dance Convention Faculty