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Close-up of tap shoe on O'Mara Sprung Floors demonstrating dance floor resilience.

Choosing the Perfect Dance Floor: A Guide for Dancers of All Styles

Dancing is an art form that goes far beyond styles and genres, and having the right dance floor is crucial for every dancer’s practice and performance. That’s why choosing the right flooring is paramount for dancers, impacting their training, safety, and overall experience. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the significance of sprung floors, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of dancers during training and performances.

What is a Sprung Floor?

A sprung floor is a specialized flooring system designed especially to provide resilience and shock absorption. That’s why it’s critical for many physical activities, particularly in dance and performance arts.

Unlike traditional floors, a sprung floor is made with a resilient wood panel suspended over the hard subfloor with foam that compresses, allowing the wood panels to flex. This ingenious design allows the floor to move under pressure and absorb the impact generated by the movements of dancers, athletes, or performers.

The main purpose of a sprung floor is to reduce the strain on joints and muscles and offer a responsive, forgiving surface that promotes safety, comfort, and performance quality. With its unique construction, sprung flooring ensures that energy is dispersed evenly across the floor. This mitigates the risk of injuries and provides dancers with a supportive foundation for their movements.

Why Are Sprung Floors Ideal for Dancing?

For those who regularly engage in dancing, jumping, or intense physical training, sprung flooring quickly becomes an essential part of your program. These floors are the ultimate flooring choice for dancers, tailored to meet the needs of this dynamic and demanding art form. When crafted with precision, care and high-quality materials, sprung floors are an ideal surface for dancing and offer unparalleled support and shock absorption, reducing the risk of pain and injury.

Compared to traditional rigid surfaces, the resiliency of sprung floors minimizes the impact on dancers’ joints and muscles for a more consistent, forgiving foundation.

Designed for the dance community, these floors are perfect for individuals involved in activities like dancing or intense physical training. The even dispersion of energy across the floor improves comfort during performances and also plays a crucial role in preventing dance-related injuries.

Sprung floors redefine the dance experience, empowering dancers to express their artistry safely and confidently. This is what makes them the optimal flooring choice for dancers.

Sprung Dance Flooring for Different Uses

Dance enthusiasts – whether at home or in a professional dance studio – deserve a floor that complements their passion and commitment. At O’Mara Sprung Floors, we carry a variety of flooring for dancers, and each is tailored for many different uses with precision-crafted construction that elevates the dance experience.

Home Dance Floors

There’s No Place Like Your Home Dance Floor

Transform your home into a personal dance haven with O’Mara’s portable sprung dance floors, expertly crafted for the specific flooring needs of dancers. Be confident in the comfort and safety of a high-quality floor that’s been designed to last for generations. Whether converting your garage into a dance studio or building your skills in the privacy of your own home, O’Mara carries beautiful, high-quality dance floors that elevate your space and practice.

Do More of What You Love From the Comfort of Your Home

Designed to fit your home and dance style, our home dance floors enable you to dance more and advance faster. Specifically engineered flooring for dancers, our premium-grade sprung floors let you practice safely for longer periods to support the progression of your dance training. Our sprung dance floors are built for quality and lasting durability with the highest quality materials for enduring floors.

Wood and Finish Options

  • Finished Golden Ash Sprung Floor – Built for various dance forms, this floor is finished with slip-resistant ceramic urethane, providing a sprung subfloor and a finished floor in one. Made of Michigan White Ash from sustainable forestry practices. The standard stain color is Golden Oak. See our shop page for examples.
  • Finished Golden Maple Sprung Floor – Ideal for all kinds of dance including tap dance, Irish dance, and flamenco dancing, this floor is finished with non-porous, durable nano-ceramic urethane. For hard shoe percussive dancing, O’Mara Sprung Floors adds two extra layers of our specialty finish designed specifically for the perfect hard shoe surface. Sourced sustainably from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canadian forests. The standard stain color is Golden Oak. See our shop page for examples.
  • Raw Birch Sprung Subfloor – Crafted with high-quality, unfinished birch panels, this sprung subfloor allows for semi-custom staining or the finished surface of your choice, such as a roll-out dance vinyl (Marley). For high-end builds, you can use your preferred finish to match your unique aesthetic.
    A note on custom finishes: For orders of 1,200 square feet or more, we can do more exacting stain matches on our Ash or Maple panels.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Made with meticulous care and attention to detail, our home dance floors boast timeless design and superior durability, ensuring a cherished fixture in your home for generations. For a functional, beautiful, and enduring dance floor, trust O’Mara to deliver premium quality.

Dance Studio Flooring

The #1 Choice of Professional Dance Studios

Elevate your dance studio with O’Mara Sprung Flooring, the unparalleled choice for professional dance studios seeking unmatched beauty, safety, and durability with the option for expansion as your studio grows. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and precision in seam construction ensures that our floors outlast all competitors, providing the necessary comfort and protection for dancers to maximize their practice sessions.

Give Your Dancers the Floor They Deserve

Designed specifically to prioritize the safety and happiness of your dancers, O’Mara’s sprung flooring for dance studios is engineered to absorb shock effectively, reducing the risks of impact-related injuries. With a tested 70% shock absorption rate and continuous suspension, our flooring offers a surface that safeguards against injuries and provides the necessary resilience for an extraordinary dance experience.

Quality & Durability

Our dance studio flooring is crafted from the highest quality 4’ x 4’ wood panels the world has to offer that allows for flexion when suspended on our long-lasting evenly spaced 3” x 3” closed cell foam blocks.

Combining these high-quality materials with our metalworking machine tolerances provides sprung flooring with a seamless surface feel. This consistent surface combined with the flexible wood panels provides the optimal flooring for dancers. Our design provides a durable and reliable surface that stands the test of time, practice after practice.

Ease of Installation

You measure, we build, you install (or your favorite finishing contractor). Our floors are custom-built to fit your space. Our patented clamp and cable system provides a simple method for installation that takes only a few tools to complete.

Every necessary trim screw, drill bit, and wall shim comes in your installation kit along with a sledgehammer, custom-made tap blocks, and torque wrench to set the tension on the cable sets, plus detailed diagrams and instructions to provide you with a comprehensive installation system.

Watch our installation videos and find out how truly simple the experience is. Note that doorway ramps and trim will need to be cut to fit on-site.

Find The Right Floor For You

  • Finished Golden Ash Sprung Floor – Ideal for many dance forms (excluding tap), such as ballet, modern dance, hip-hop, jazz, Indian classical dance, lyrical, break dancing, and all forms of barefoot and soft shoe styles. Made from sustainably sourced Michigan White Ash and our standard Golden Oak stain, this floor is both a sprung subfloor and finish floor in one, featuring unique grain patterns for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.
  • Finished Golden Maple Sprung Floor – Designed for all kinds of dance, including having the durability to hold up tap dance, Irish dance, and flamenco dancing, this floor offers unparalleled sound, durability, and flexibility in movement. Finished with a non-porous, durable nano-ceramic urethane, it serves as both a sprung subfloor and finish floor, sourced sustainably from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canadian forests. For hard shoe percussive dancing, O’Mara Sprung Floors adds two extra layers of our specialty finish designed specifically for the perfect hard shoe surface.
  • Raw Birch Sprung Subfloor – This floor can be utilized for any style of dance, depending on the finished surface you choose. Crafted with high-quality, unfinished birch panels, this sprung subfloor can be finished with a semi-custom stain or your choice of custom surface. Whether covered with a roll-out dance vinyl (Marley) or your own tongue-and-groove hardwood, this subfloor is a great choice for high-end builds because you can use your preferred finish to match your unique aesthetic.
  • A note on custom finishes – For orders of 1,200 square feet or more, we can do more exacting stain matches on our Ash or Maple panels.

Enhance Their Dance Experience

Choosing the right dance studio flooring is a pivotal decision for both you and your dancers. Our dance studio floors don’t just protect your dancers; they optimize the dance experience by shielding dancers from the effects of practicing on hard, unyielding surfaces. Invest in the well-being of your studio and dancers with our smooth and safe floors for a dance space that performs and brings joy to every dance session.

Portable Dance Floors & Stage Floors

Explore the perfect dance floor styles tailored to the unique needs of various dance genres. From the grace of ballet to the energetic beats of hip-hop, each floor is meticulously crafted to enhance the performance, safety, and enjoyment of dancers. Discover the ideal surface for your dance expression:

Unleash Your Artistry Anywhere

Empower your artistic journey! Whether you’re a subway busker or part of a traveling Broadway show, our portable dance floors provide a transformative experience wherever your passion takes you. Shop now.

Take the Dance Surface with You Anywhere

Made for the nomadic dancer, our portable sprung dance floors give you the freedom to dance on a high-quality surface, no matter where you find yourself. Transform any space into your personal stage with our commitment to quality and performance.

Surface & Suspension

Our portable dance floors feature a suspended wood panel over foam blocks design that provides a beautiful finished surface for every dance style. It’s the perfect blend of support and resiliency, ensuring an optimal dance experience in any location.

Hassle-Free Assembly

Quick and convenient assembly is at the core of our portable dance floors. From small hinged travel boards to large touring floors, our patented clamp and cable system simplifies the setup process.

Take Your Show On The Road

Our exclusive Cable-Tuned™ System establishes a one-of-a-kind, completely mobile flooring system. Experience unmatched portability and ease of assembly, allowing you to take your dance show on the road effortlessly. The convenience of storage and moving carts streamlines the process for a simple and time-efficient experience.

Dance beyond the confines of a traditional studio. With our flooring for dancers, the world becomes your stage, and every location transforms into a canvas for your artistic expression.

The Dance Floor Investment: Where Quality Meets Longevity

Understanding our pricing structure and the lasting value of our floors is important for making an informed and rewarding investment.

Pricing Structure

Our made-to-order portable practice floors are priced by the unit, and our custom-sized home, studio and stage floors are priced by the square foot. This varies depending on configuration, finish options and overall size.

The main driver of our prices comes from our high-quality wood panels, locally sourced materials and highly skilled USA-based craftsmanship labor. Our pricing structure aligns with the diverse needs and preferences of our customers, meaning you can start small and expand as your passion and operation grows.

The cost also varies based on the level of customization for room shape and finish options chosen. This flexibility ensures that every dancer, dance studio, or performance space can find a tailored solution that fits both their requirements and budget.

Discovering Value & Longevity

Our commitment to excellence extends to the longevity of our sprung floors. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail with the highest quality materials, our floors stand the test of time. The durability and resilience of our floors mean a prolonged lifespan as a reliable and integral part of your dance journey.

What sets us apart is not just the immediate value of our shock-absorbing sprung dance floors and the safety that comes with them, but also their impressive longevity. Consider it an investment in the health of your students and business. Fewer injuries mean happier students with a high retention rate. Beyond the initial investment, these floors are a lasting asset, providing an expansive canvas for dancers to hone their craft and flourish.

Quality Craftsmanship & Ethical Foundation

Our floors are a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. Made with precision and care, each floor is a masterpiece, reflecting our commitment to providing dancers with the best possible experience. Beyond the surface, our floors embody the very essence of ethical practices. We prioritize the use of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) materials, ensuring a superior dance surface and an environment-friendly choice that aligns with modern ecological standards.

Sustainability in Every Step

Our commitment goes beyond the immediate dance studio into the heart of the forests where we source our materials. We proudly embrace sustainable forest harvesting practices, because they ensure every tree used is part of a carefully managed ecosystem.

Sprung dance floors support your passion for dance while contributing to the preservation of our precious natural resources. Learn why the materials we use in our flooring for dancers exceed simple aesthetics, with craftsmanship, ethical business practices, and sustainability in every step.

Unleash Excellence & Transform Your Dance Space

Our home and professional studio floors redefine the dance experience and provide optimal support with shock absorption. Whether you’re at home or on the road, portable dance floors offer a transformative experience, combining portability with unrivaled performance.

When you’re ready to elevate every step, shop our extensive selection of portable flooring for dancers!

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Hear it From Our Clients

I LOVE my O'Mara Maple portable practice panel. It sounds absolutely fantastic and my joints/feet never hurt after using it (like they do when I take class at the studio)! It is a superb dance floor!!

Sharon G.

Texas, USA

We are loving the floor and received rave reviews during our first season!

Kevin P.

California, USA

Thanks so much for your excellent customer service, everything went like clockwork! The delivery, packaging, and timing were exceptional! The quality and precision of your products is outstanding, not to mention the fact you include all of the tools needed to install the floor. As a contractor it was difficult to believe that we did not have to make a single cut, everything was numbered and the diagram was spot on, thanks again.

Forrester G.


From the moment the floor arrived your meticulous attention to detail was evident. The way it came crated blew me away. Nothing was left to chance, everything was secured and protected. It said a lot without saying a word. Rita called me earlier today after completing her first class..... "The floor made all the difference in the world" was her quote.

Roger & Rita O.


I would highly recommend the O’Mara Sprung floor system to anyone. The floor is studio quality, easy to maintain, and beautiful to look at, even after hours of tap dancing.

Cindy V.

California, USA

We are happy with the floor. The shipping was secure and done well. So everything is good. The floor is expensive but you can tell it is higher quality. I am actually using the floor in a 4 by 8 pattern right now since the 8 by 8 was slightly big for my space right now but at least I can expand it when ready. So I love the fact that you can change the size of the floor. Keep up the good work!!

Rick S.


It is perfect for tap dancing. It is well made and high quality. I have practiced or taken lessons in four different studios and until I practiced on this floor I could never really hear the steps clearly and how I was doing them. The sound and clarity of the floor is wonderful for tap dance. You can really “hear” if you are doing the steps right or not.

Christine K.

Florida, USA

I’ve been meaning to email and thank you for all of your assistance and support with setting up our floor. We are very happy with it and the dancers like it as well.

Alexandra O.

Michigan, USA