Your Guide to Portable Flamenco Dance Floors

Your Guide to Portable Flamenco Dance Floors

Have you ever tried to replicate the new swanky flamenco moves you just learned in dance class when you go home and just couldn’t get it right? Even if you nailed it in the studio, it might just not translate to your at-home attempts. But don’t get discouraged! The solution could be right under your feet. 

Flamenco wasn’t meant to happen on a carpet, so practicing on rugs in your house won’t do you much good. Instead, try your steps on a sturdy, portable flamenco dance floor. It will feel like you’re right back in the studio, perfecting your zapateado. 

What Are Portable Flamenco Dance Floors?

Portable flamenco dance floors are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They are small-scale dance floors that can easily be set up, broken down, and taken with you wherever you go. They are easy to transport and make it possible to practice or perform your flamenco moves anywhere. 

Having a portable flamenco dance floor at home is much more similar to the flooring at a dance studio than the regular flooring in your house. It provides your joints much needed support while withstanding high-intensity impacts. 

How Much Do Mobile Flamenco Dance Floors Cost? 

Mobile flamenco dance floors vary widely in cost and can retail as little as $300 for small, basic models and as much as $3,000 for larger, professional-quality dance floors. Whether you’re a beginner or novice, most dancers benefit the most from a reliable, mid-range practice space. 

A good quality dance floor from a reputable brand will usually cost you anywhere from $1200 and $2500. The exact cost will depend on the type of wood, the type of foam cushioning, and the floor’s dimensions. Portable dance floors are available in many sizes, but they usually range from 2′ x 4′ to 8′ x 8′. Typically, the larger the floor is, the more expensive it is. However, non-standard dimensions, like 3′ x 6′, can cost more than dance floors with the same area but more standard dimensions, like 4′ x 4′. 

Portable vs. Permanent Dance Floors

Although everybody is different and your individual needs won’t match perfectly with those of another dancer, portable dance floors generally tend to be better than permanent ones for a few reasons. 


Everybody has a personal budget, and for most people, a portable flamenco dance floor fits that budget, while a permanent installation simply does not. Permanent flooring material can cost you thousands of dollars, and that’s not factoring in the price of installment, which is necessary if you want your dancer to be able to use that flooring safely and productively. Additionally, permanent flooring must be left behind if you ever leave that location. Unlike portable dance floor solutions, you won’t be able to take the investment of that permanently installed floor to the next location with you.


Permanent dance floors require an entire room of your house to become a dedicated dance space. This may be a worthy investment for professional dancers, but it doesn’t make sense and just isn’t possible for most people. Portable dance floors allow you to keep all of the rooms in your house just the way they are and still practice flamenco in any one of them. 

When you finish practicing, the portable dance floor will either disassemble or simply fold up depending on the exact make and model you purchased. This means it barely takes up any space and can be stored in a closet or under your bed. 

There are some dancers that love a large practice space that is ready for them to dance at any moment. These dancers will choose a large beautiful portable floor that can be left assembled at all times, but that can also be disassembled for use in another space or for performance.

How to Choose the Right Portable Flamenco Dance Floor

The type of wood you choose for your portable flamenco dance floor is very important. You can’t just go to the hardware store and get a piece of plywood and start stomping away on it. Not only will it hurt, but it will actually do damage to your joints and bones and ultimately shorten your dancing career. 

Instead, you’ll want to find a dance floor that utilizes a strong wood like maple or birch and a high-density shock-absorbing foam to take some of the pressure off of your joints. As a percussive dance, portable dance floors specifically made for flamenco dancing will carry and project the sounds of every step and allow you to get the whole flamenco experience.

When choosing a portable flamenco dance floor at home, you’ll also want to consider how much free space you have and how much space you need to practice. This will help guide you and narrow down your search even further. 

How to Install a Portable Flamenco Dance Floor at Home

Sometimes a little assembly is required, but installation is as easy as just putting the dance floor down on top of your regular floor. Some dance floors fold up in order to be stored, so when you’re ready to use them, all you have to do is unfold them and put them on the ground. 

Other models have a wire with a grip at either end that the dance floor slides between to keep it in place. Either way, it can be done in just a few seconds without the need for a professional or an extra set of hands. 

If you are serious about flamenco and want to practice at home the right way, check out the fantastic options at O’Mara Sprung Floors today. 

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