Ergonomic Flooring

“Our floor is working out great! The dancers who use it are jealous because it is better than the floor they use in the studio. It allows me the opportunity to teach the dancers and figure skaters that I work with, the importance of jumping on a proper surface. Plus, it looks fantastic in the clinic.”
– Peter Breen, Back Stage Physical Therapy

“The floor is great overall and looks great. Just the right amount of spring. The floor makes a difference on your joints the day after a work out.”
– Marco Garcia, The Karate Dojo

“I am happy with the quality and look of the floor. The ease of installation was also a great factor. The floor has been very beneficial in my martial arts school. The stress caused by landing hard and getting taken down again and again has eased up now the floor is in. Just walking on the floor, you can tell it has nice give and spring to it. If you have concrete floor and want to put a hardwood floor in that is beautiful, easy to do and have nice give, this is the floor for you. The O’Mara floor was so much easier than building a floor support, then laying a floor over it.”
– Todd Sipala