School Dance Floor
School Dance Floor

-AB Miller High School, CA

“The floor was very easy to set up and the hardware and floor materials are the best quality. The floor has been perfect. It stays tight and didn’t require any fasteners to the existing floor. The room the floor is in has many functions, but most of all is a movement/dance instruction space. Before the O’Mara floor the room had a concrete/carpet covered floor that was very harsh on the artists using it. The floor is also much easier to keep clean.”
– Steven Warner, University of Virginia Drama/Dance

“Three years ago, when I started looking into a new dance floor for the studio theatre, I got a sample from one of your competitors. I still have that sample, and I’ll have you know that the veneer on the sample has started to check near the edges, while your installed floor has not. Your installed floor, which sees continuous use during the semester, has aged better than their sample which has sat on my office shelf. Please pass on my compliments at the quality of your product. The plywood and the finish you use are clearly superior to that stuff the others are using.”
– Ben Wright, Plattsburg State University

“The result of expert craftsmanship is a floor that is reliable, durable and resilient – each of which are qualities a dancer must have in order to truly trust the floor upon which they are to work and perform. In order to both train and perform at an optimum level and to avoid injury, the dancer must be able to trust in the dance surface. The U of M Flint dance floor meets and exceeds those crucial criteria.”
– Kelly Handyside, University of Michigan – Flint

School Dance Floor
School Dance Floor

“We are thrilled with our new sprung floor as this will minimize or eliminate student injuries. Mary and Ed were a dream to work with. We are very happy with the new floor! O’Mara ‘s staff were fantastic to work with. Delivery and installation was smooth and problem free. Every thing was on time and on schedule. Thank you!”
– Kathy Forbes, University of Iowa [permanent Installation with vinyl surface]