Marley dance vinyl floor surfaces are designed for use on an O’Mara Birch Sprung Subfloor.

Mezzafloor – Mezzafloor provides the appropriate controlled speed for ballroom, ballet floors, tap floors, character, hip hop, Irish, jazz, and modern dance. This type of marley dance vinyl is extremely durable and designed to take many years of abuse from dance styles such as tap or flamenco. Pointe will require use of rosin. Available in Dark Marbled Grey and Black.

Studiofloor – Studiofloor dance vinyl does not require rosin for pointe work, and is a popular choice for ballet studios. If the floor will be used for multiple styles of dance, please be aware that hip hop shoes will leave a lot of black scuff marks. Available in Light Grey, Grey, Deep Grey, and Black.

Duofloor – Duofloor is a reversible dance floor for touring. It will accommodate ballet, modern, tap and jazz. It is an excellent choice for pointe work when on tour. Available in Black with Grey as a second side.

Vinyl Dance FloorMezzafloor
Vinyl Dance FloorStudiofloor
Vinyl Dance FloorDuofloor

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