4′ x 6′ Maple Tap + Irish, Portable Practice Floor

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This practice floor comes in three 2’ x 4’ sections, and includes a clamp and cable set to hold the panels together, along with an installation tool and instructions. This is the perfect size for one at a ballet barre, or three percussive dancers.

After tapping, expect denting, scratches and black dust to form without any reduction in the shock absorption properties or performance of your floor. Embrace the character that you put into your tap floor as a sign of progress, consistency and hard work. Check our Instagram for photos of our floors in action: @omarafloors

Tap+ Multi-Use Urethane: adds an extra layer of protection to your Maple floor, and makes your floor easier to clean. This finish has more slip-resistance than our ProLine finish; this extra friction gives the floor a slightly slower feel. This is great for younger students who do not like the same speed as advancing and professional tap dancers. With this urethane tap shoes leave less aluminum oxide residue (“black dust”), making the cleaning process quicker so that switching between dance styles becomes easier. If you are a tap dancer who would prefer to exchange some speed for a floor that is faster to clean, this is the urethane choice for you.

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This 4′ x 6′ Maple Tap + Irish Floor comes in three 2’ x 4’ sections and includes a clamp and cable set to hold the panels together, along with an installation tool and instructions. Perfect for tap, Irish, and hard shoe highland.

Floor Size: 70.5″ x 47.5″ x 1.5″ Panel Dimensions: (3) panels are each 23.5″ x 47.5″
*Floor includes handles on the back of each panel, a clamp and cable set to hold the panels together, an installation tool, and instructions.

Made in the USA: Manufactured in Flint, Michigan


Additional Information

Dimensions N/A
Manufactured in USA

Floor manufactured in Flint, Michigan., Made in USA:, Wood sourced locally, harvested with renewable forestry practices.

Outdoor Use

Please note, our floors are NOT designed for outdoor use.

Tap Floor Daily Cleaning

CAUTION: Do not allow water to sit on and seep into the seam of the travel board., NOTE: If your floor is really dirty, or you want to clean it faster, use a green kitchen scrubby pad., SCUFF MARKS: Use alcohol-based cleaner and a clean cotton rag. Use paper towel or towel to dry the floor., STUBBORN SCUFF MARKS: Use a green kitchen scrubby pad and a 1:1 ratio of water to Extreme Simple Green Cleaner. Scrub clean and remove all residue with water-dampened microfiber towel., WIPE PANEL DRY with paper towels. Wipe the surface and sides with paper towel to dry and remove any residue.

Sprung Floor Maintenance

DAILY CLEANING: Keep the floor surface dry. Wipe the floor regularly with a water-dampened towel to keep clean., DEEP CLEANING: Use a clean towel dampened with a 1:4 solution of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner to water. CAUTION: Do not allow cleaning solution or water to seep between the seams of the floor.

Tap Shoe Screws

TAP DANCERS: Always check tap shoes for loose screws prior to stepping on this wood surface.

Movement Style

Flamenco, Irish, Tap

Number of Dancers

One to Two

Floor Size

70.5" x 47.5" x 1.5"

Number of Panels

Three Panels

Panel Size

23.5" x 47.5" x 1.5"

Panel Weight

23 pounds

Carrying Handle

Yes, carrying handle(s) pre-attached to floor panel.

Floor Size with Ramps

Ramps not availble on this floor. Please inquire about a custom floor if you are interested in transition ramps.


Yes, lengthwise only. This dance floor can be expanded in 2′ increments in the same direction as the cable runs.

Wood Type


Grain Pattern

Noticeable, but subtle. Wood is a natural material, and may have variations in color and grain.

Finish Surface

Pre-Finished with Tap+Irish Multi-Style urethane, for extra slip-resistance and ultra-easy cleaning.


Shipping included for the contiguous U.S. — for delivery to all other locations, please contact us.


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3 reviews for 4′ x 6′ Maple Tap + Irish, Portable Practice Floor

  1. Andrew K

    We purchase this a few years ago. Tremendous quality. Perfect for Irish dance. Great customer service. Highly recommend

  2. Coleen Brooks

    After moving it a couple times I have found it is truly a work of art

  3. Rick Cekovsky

    Obsessed with my O’Mara floor! I got a three panel, which is a perfect size put together, but also just right for my 3 kids so they can each have their own boards! The sound quality is fantastic, it feels sturdy and supported, and especially nice is the perfectly tightened cord which makes it easy to put together or take apart and transport. Can’t wait to build out a full studio with these fabulous floors!

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