5 Ways to Use Sprung Floors

5 Ways to Use Sprung Floors

Sprung Floors Are not just for dancing!

Did you know you can use our sprung floors for other activities besides dancing? Any type of exercise or activity that requires a comfortable surface is a good candidate for sprung floors. We’re talking anything from yoga to HIIT workouts to even just using them for standing desks!

Here are our top 5 ways to use sprung floors outside of the dance studio:

#1 Yoga or Meditation

5 Ways to Use Sprung Floors Yoga Meditation
O’Mara Sprung Floors provide a comfortable surface for both yoga and meditation that allow for the body to relax and reenergize.


#2 Home Gym

5 Ways to Use Sprung Floors Home Gym
Doing plyometric exercises at home? We’re talking burpees, jump squats, jumping jacks, etc. Having a proper surface that can absorb the landing shock of these exercises gives your joints the ability to move more freely without pain. Sprung floors are a great addition for home gyms!


#3 Cooking or Washing Dishes

5 Ways to Use Sprung Floors Washing Dishes
Whether you’re cooking up a nice Thanksgiving meal or just cleaning the dishes after dinner, our feet can get tired from all that standing on hard surfaces or rubber mats. But if you place a sprung floor under your feet, you will instantly feel the difference in energy. Rather than feeling drained and sore after a big event at your house, you will feel energized and pain-free!


#4 Standing Desk

5 Ways to Use Sprung Floors Standing Desk
If you already have standing desk, good for you! There is nothing worse for your body than sitting all day long. But sometimes, standing all day on carpeted office floor with little to no cushioning can result in achey feet and joints. Adding an O’Mara Sprung Floor to your standing desk is a great week to increase your energy throughout the work day and reduce pain.


#5 Workbench

5 Ways to Use Sprung Floors Workbench
Finally, if you work at a machine shop or have a workbench in your garage at home, you might notice that your feet start to get tired after standing for too many hours in a row. Our sprung floors give your feet that much needed cushion without allowing you to completely sink in, like a rubber mat would do.

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