2′ x 2′ Sprung Dance Floor Sample



This sample is large enough for you to get a good feel of the floor quality and shock absorption, as well as its crisp sound underfoot. When you purchase a floor and return your sample, you will receive a credit towards your new floor. See description below, to choose which floor style will work best for you.

We specialize in custom size floors for commercial dance studios and in-home practice spaces. Please contact us for your custom quote.


A 2′ x 2′ sample is big enough for you to jump, turn, and slide on. It will let you get a good feel for the surface, as well as the resiliency and shock-absorption of our sprung floors. This panel is a small version of our regular-sized panels, and shows the integrated tongue and groove edges. You’ll be able to see the natural variations in color and grain of the wood, and the quality and durability of our panels.

Once you’ve had a chance to really check out the floor, you can return the sample to us and we will give you a $100 refund.

GOLDEN MAPLE 3200 SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR: Subfloor and finish floor in one. This floor is made with northern Hard Maple, and pre-finished with a durable, slip-resistant urethane. It is specially constructed to provide the sound of hardwood along with a durable, slip resistant ceramic urethane finish. We recommend this dance floor for all styles of dance. It is the best choice for hard-shoe percussive forms of dance, like tap, Irish and flamenco.

GOLDEN ASH 3200 SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR: Subfloor and finish floor in one. Our Michigan White Ash sprung dance floor panels are pre-finished with a durable, slip-resistant urethane. This floor is for ballet, ballroom, modern, and all other forms of soft shoe and barefoot dance and fitness.

BIRCH SPRUNG SUBFLOOR: This sprung subfloor is made with high-quality, unfinished birch panels, and is designed to be used with a roll-out marley style dance vinyl surface. We have two different dance vinyl options, which you can find in the sample section of our store. This is the ideal choice for Irish dancers who find our Maple floor to have less slip-resistance than they prefer, for studios that prefer the feel of vinyl or already have a Marley surface to re-use, for multi-style studios that don’t have the time to clean the floor between classes, and for ballet studios that would prefer not to use rosin for pointe work.

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