Portable Fitness Floors

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Maximize Your Workouts with O’Mara Premium Shock-Absorbing Surfaces for Unparalleled Performance & Safety

Our shock-absorbing fitness floors offer a stable surface that protects your body from the impact of working out on concrete and provides more flexibility and support than foam or rubber workout mats. Enjoy high-intensity workouts with less pain on our durable, shock-absorbing hardwood panel foundation.

Crafted for safety and performance, our premium-quality fitness flooring supports high-caliber training, providing confidence and longevity to your fitness pursuits. Enhance your training with our stable surface and uniform shock absorption that promotes foot strength, natural movement patterns, and reduces stress on your body.

Ensure uninterrupted training sessions and confident performance, perfecting your workouts with our reliable and high-performance surface. Ideal for barefoot training, our flooring promotes foot strengthening and natural movement patterns. With a slip-resistant surface and 70% shock absorption, O’Mara Sprung Floors provides quality fitness flooring to increase safety and protection for effective workouts.

What types of portable fitness floors are available?

Alongside our custom-sized options that fit specifically to your space, we also offer a quality selection of standard-size portable fitness floors developed to upgrade your workout experience, including:

What is the advantage of using portable O’Mara Fitness Flooring?

O’Mara Sprung Fitness Floors go above and beyond the average fitness flooring, offering a beautiful surface that provides flexibility, stability, and supreme shock absorption. Our floors are portable and expandable meaning that if you ever decide you need a bigger workout floor or that you need to move gyms, you can take your premium sprung fitness flooring with you.

Shock-absorbing fitness floors built by O’Mara Sprung Floors let you take your fitness practice to the next level. The uniformly flexible and stable surface offers excellent footing while protecting your body from the impact of working out on concrete.

O’Mara Fitness Flooring absorbs exponentially more impact force than both rubber gym mats and interlocking foam mats, affording you high-intensity workouts with less pain.

How do these fitness floors improve my workout?

Our portable fitness floors are engineered to offer superior shock absorption and stability, providing cushioning and support necessary for high-impact exercises. Whether you’re practicing Olympic lifting, high-intensity interval training, dance cardio, strength training, yoga, or pilates, fitness floors built by O’Mara Sprung Floors reduce strain on your joints and muscles so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals.

You can train with confidence, experience peak performance, and invest in the longevity of your fitness pursuits on our portable fitness flooring.

Are these floors suitable for home and commercial use?

Yes, our portable fitness floors are suitable for both home gyms and commercial fitness facilities. They’re the ideal solution whether you’re setting up a workout space in your garage or outfitting a professional gym. These fitness floors provide the versatility and performance you need for effective workouts.

What are the key features of O’Mara Fitness Floors?

Our portable sprung fitness floors are built in the USA with the highest quality, locally and sustainably sourced materials to offer a durable construction that withstands heavy use and provides long-lasting performance.

With simple installation and maintenance, these floors offer convenience and flexibility for your fitness routines. The unique design of our sprung fitness floors allows for expansion and reconfiguration options, as well as easeful transportation with our rolling moving and storage carts.

How can my fitness floor choice improve my training and body mechanics?

O’Mara Sprung Floors builds fitness flooring designed to improve your training at every level. We prioritize your safety and body mechanics by providing a stable yet flexible surface with uniform shock absorption that gives you secure footing and consistent joint protection.

Whether you train with shoes or barefoot, you’ll find that these floors are ideal underfoot. By training barefoot on O’Mara Sprung Fitness Floors, you’ll build foot strength and improve your natural movement patterns, all while minimizing stress on your body. Your long-term health is our priority.

How do sprung fitness floors contribute to peak performance?

Our sprung fitness flooring takes your workout experience to the next level. The 70% shock absorption provided by our sprung flooring reduces stress on your joints while enabling your muscles to work to their full capacity. This allows you to train every day with uninterrupted training sessions.

Train consistently without compromising intensity, and experience your workouts with the support of a reliable and high-performing workout surface.

Can I use this flooring for barefoot training?

Yes, absolutely. The smooth finish on our proprietary flexible wood panels are supported by shock-absorbing foam squares that are similar to the cushion in running shoes (yet highly more shock absorbing and with a 20-year lifespan). The foam squares creates a portable fitness floor that’s perfect for barefoot training, promoting foot strengthening and natural movement patterns.

From lifting to jumping to handstands or balancing, our fitness flooring lets you experience the perfect surface that prioritizes safety and performance.

How do I maintain my portable fitness floor?

Cleaning and maintaining your portable fitness floor is simple. For daily cleaning, damp mop floors with water only.

Depending on usage, daily, every few days, or at a minimum, weekly, mop surface with a clean microfiber mop head using AquaSport Wood Floor Cleaner or Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean (other chemicals may leave slippery residue), mixed according to manufacturer’s directions.

Using 16 oz. spray bottle, spray 1 to 2 floor panels at a time, and mop with a microfiber cleaning pad attached to a flat head mop. Do not use soaps or detergents. Do not use wax or silicone-based polishes, paste waxes, or solvent or pine-based cleaners on wood floors. They will change the slip resistance of the floor. If these contaminants do get on the floor surface, clean with Basic Coatings IFT followed by Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean.