Elyssa and Braelynn Clement

Elyssa and Braelynn Clement

Elyssa Clement has been teaching dance since 2007. She has been a dance captain for the pre-professional tap company, #TaplifeToo and has also performed with #TaplifeCompany in New York City. Between 2017 and 2019 she had the opportunity to take Leon Collins Repertory Sessions with the AMAZING Diane Walker, at the Deborah Mason Performing Arts Center, in Somerville, MA.  She loves sharing this material any chance that she gets!

Most recently Elyssa and her family packed up and hit the road in their camper!  She is currently traveling the U.S. with her O’Mara tap floors and has the freedom to choreograph and explore anywhere they travel!  Elyssa and her daughter, Braelynn, have been able to tap dance in the most beautiful places and can’t wait to tap dance all across this beautiful country.

We love our O’Mara floors because we can tap everywhere we go!

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