Robin Passmore

Robin Passmore

Robin Passmore has devoted her life to the art of tap dancing. Her love for performing has led her to perform in New York City, Las Vegas and abroad. Robin was a cast member of Jared Grimes’ Broadway Underground, and dance captain for the closing act for the Las Vegas show, Opium. She is the dance captain of Chloe Arnold’s Apartment 33 and she has performed with Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies, most recently in a Ted Talk. In 2018, she performed and taught at the UK Tapfest in London.

Robin has performed at the Lincoln Center, the Jazz at the Lincoln Center Gala, Summer at the Lincoln Center, DC Tapfest, and on Good Morning, America. She was featured with Jared Grimes in the April 2015 edition of Dance Teacher magazine. She has also appeared in several Sesame Street segments. She recently shot an instructional video for Stage Door Workshops.

Robin owns passMORE DANCE studio in Swedesboro, New Jersey. Her students have performed in Broadway Underground, the Remix, Run the Night, at the Kennedy Center, and the DC Tap Festival. Her students continue to garner tap awards at competitions like OnStage New York, Rising Star, Dance Xplosion, Dancers’ Inc, Legacy, NYCDA, and Beyond the Stars.

Finally, Robin travels the East Coast teaching master classes and setting choreography. She has taught for Dance Masters of America. Elevate, and Xchange.

What do you love?

Tap dance, whether I’m performing or teaching, is my first love. I also love going to the movies, working out, and hanging out with my nephews, Nicholas and Anthony.

Why do you dance?

Dance allows me to immerse myself in music. I love to create music with my sounds, and cosign musicians. I especially find it rewarding to pick music with a positive message.

Why do you choose to dance on O’Mara Sprung Floors?

I love O’Mara Floors! They are the total package! The sound quality is amazing. They provide safe support for my legs. They are easy to transport.

How would you like the world to know you?

I am known for my “clean feet.” I am also proud that I’ve been told, I’m “easy to watch.” I want people to want to watch more and more as I promote the art of tap dance. I also want to build my reputation as a teacher and coach.

Career highlights thus far:

Owner, passMORE DANCE
Good Morning America
Sesame Street
Dance Captain, Opium, Las Vegas
Dance Captain, Apt. 33, New York

Where have you come from?

I grew up in a rural part of South Jersey, Pittsgrove. I attended public school there before getting my degree in social work from Stockton University. When I was only 18, I partnered with my mentor, Miss Barbara Adams, in a dance studio called DVJC Dance Conservatory. When she retired 4 years ago, I changed locations and opened my own studio. In the meantime, I have lived/worked in New York City, Las Vegas and am currently looking to relocate to Philadelphia.

Where are you headed?

I am striving to get as far as I can get in my tap shoes!

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