Tia Pavo

Tia Pavo


Who are you, and why do you support O’Mara Sprung Floors?

I’m a tap dancer from Alberta, Canada, and I support O’Mara Sprung Floors because of the sound, the quality, and versatility of every floor I’ve come across.

What do you love?

I love to read, I love music, dancing, movies, spending time with friends, and I love to perform!

Why do you dance?

I dance because it is such a huge, influential part of my life – I have never not danced. I love being able to express things that words can’t.

Why do you choose to dance on O’Mara Sprung Floors?

O’Mara has the best quality tap floors I have ever seen, and I love the way that they sound! They’re super portable, so I love how easy they make traveling!

How would you like the world to know you?

As a kind person, someone who works hard, is passionate about what I do, and as someone always willing to help others.

Career highlights thus far:

Being a part of Team Canada Tap, getting to teach tap at my local studio and being invited to perform in Calgary for National Tap Dance Days have all been amazing experiences.


Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

Current Home Base:

Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

Where have you come from?

From not knowing what style of dance I truly loved and was good at, unaware of the amazing opportunities awaiting me.

Where are you headed?

Somewhere I can tap dance for my whole life, whether that’s performing on the world stage, or teaching tap to others around me.