Kyle Van Newkirk


Kyle Van Newkirk is a 20 year old tap dancer from a small town in Western Nebraska where he has danced ever since he was five years old. He has had several tap inspirations over the year such as John Bubbles, Gregory Hines, Steve Condos, Anthony Morigerato, and Jason Janas. Kyle has trained with Anthony Morigerato, Jason Janas, Suzy Guarino, Ayodele Casel and Tiffany Taskey as well as other tap dance instructors for the past several years. Kyle traveled to different tap festivals all over the United States including, The Detroit Tap Festival, Slide, Tap United, and Tap into the Network to name a few. Kyle continues to assist his mentors of tap such as, Jason Janas and Anthony Morigerato while they are teaching at conventions or tap fests.

Kyle has previously performed with Tap 24.7 at the Detroit Tap Festival, also being in their numerous shows over the years being a featured dancer, as well as a guest choreographer for the past two years. Kyle has won numerous tap scholarships over the years from several nationally acclaimed dance conventions and dance competition. Last year, he participated in a choreographers challenge for Operation: Tap, and was placed in the top three over amazing tap choreographers from all over the United states. Previously, Kyle won the World Championships of Tap Dance in 2015, and received runner up for battle of the feet for two years in a row. Kyle, also, has performed at the Capezio 2015 ACE awards under the direction of Jason Janas.

Kyle was a part of the American Tap Company for their 2015-2016 tour season as well as being part of Tap 24.7 of Phoenix Arizona for their 2015-2016 performing season. While Kyle is still performing for Tap Companies, he continually choreographs for studios across the United States, as well as continuing his college education. Kyle is also director, writer, and choreographer for his own tap show, “Tappin N’ Time, the Past and Present of Tap” which pays tribute to all of the tap dancers through history that have influenced tap throughout the past as well as where tap is today. Kyle is currently sponsored by O’Mara Sprung Floors.