3′ x 3′ Folding Travel Board, XL: Birch Beginner Kids Percussive, Sprung Dance Floor (up to age 11)



StreetLine Travel Board: folding Birch Sprung Floor, finished with our StreetLine Urethane. Ideal for air travel. Take your shoes, take your floor: practice safely wherever you go with this folding sprung dance floor.

This floor is a standalone. If you’re looking for a floor that can expand, check out our 4′ x 4′ Golden Maple 3200 Floor.

Protect your board while traveling (and protect yourself from the inevitable “tap dust”) with our Travel Board XL Bag.

We specialize in custom size floors for commercial dance studios and in-home practice spaces. Please contact us for your custom quote.

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StreetLine Travel Board XL, for more space with the same easy portability as our original travel board: the floor folds in half and comes with handles for carrying. This Sprung Birch floor has plenty of space for one dancer and comes pre-finished with our durable StreetLine Urethane. Foam blocks adhered to the underside of our resilient wood panels absorb landing forces and return energy, protecting your body and extending your career. The sound quality and resilience are top-notch. You’ll hear every nuance on this board.


The O’Mara Sprung Floors StreetLine Travel Board XL is a 34″ x 34″ pre-finished Birch sprung floor that can be folded in half and stored almost anywhere. It has attached handles and travels easily. The dimensions when folded are 17″ x 34″, which makes for easy transportation. Looking for airport carry-on size? Check out our original Travel Board. This tap board is not designed to connect with any other floor panels. If you’re looking for a floor that can expand, check out our 4′ x 4′ Golden Maple 3200 Floor.


**EXCEPTION** This floor is not designed for hoofers, tap dancers practicing advanced steps, or Irish dancers wearing shoes with metal taps. If you wear metal taps on your shoes and dance heavily on your floor, please purchase a ProLine Maple Floor. If your tap repertoire includes: shuffle riffs, digs, shiggy bops/shovels, flam, you will dent a Birch floor very quickly. Please choose our more durable ProLine Maple Floor.




  • Open size: 34″ x 34″
  • Folds to: 17″ x 34 “
  • Has attached carrying handles

Made in the USA

  • Wood sourced locally, harvested with renewable forestry practices.
  • Floor manufactured in Flint, Michigan

**PLEASE NOTE: Our floors are not designed for outdoor use.


Keep the floor surface dry. Clean up spills immediately, before they cause damage. Wipe the floor regularly with a water-dampened towel to keep clean. For deep cleaning, use a clean towel dampened with a 1:4 solution of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner to water. CAUTION: Do not allow cleaning solution or water to seep between the seams of the floor.

Always check tap shoes for loose screws prior to stepping on this wood surface.

Clean surface of tap floor, one (1) panel at a time, with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 1. Wet the Magic Eraser with clean water. Squeeze out excess water. Wipe the Magic Eraser back and forth from one edge to the next edge, moving across surface of panel until clean. Do not let water seep into seam between panels. Check cleanliness of Magic Eraser after each panel. When Magic Eraser is dirty rinse in clean water, squeeze out excess water and continue. 2. Wipe panel dry with paper towels. Wipe the surface and sides with paper towel to dry and remove any residue. How to clean Magic Eraser: Rinse Magic Eraser with clean water in sink or bucket until clean. Squeeze out excess water. CAUTION: Do not allow cleaning solution or water to seep between the seams of the floor.


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Additional information

Dance Style

TAP NOTE: Heavier/Aggressive dancers choose a Maple Tap + Irish Floor

Number of Dancers


Number of Panels

One, foldable

Panel Size

34" x 34", folds to 17" x 34"

Panel Weight

27 pounds

Carrying Handle

Yes, carrying handle(s) pre-attached to floor panel.

Floor Size

Open size: 34″ x 34″ Folds to 17" x 34" ~ Ultra-Portable Size fits most airplane overhead carry-on bins.

Floor Size with Ramps

Ramps not availble on this floor. Please inquire about a custom floor if you are interested in transition ramps.


No, this is a one-piece dance floor.

Wood Type


Grain Pattern

Noticeable, but subtle. Wood is a natural material, and may have variations in color and grain.

Finish Surface

Pre-finished with StreetLine Urethane, a durable, slip resistant urethane finish.

Manufactured in USA

Floor manufactured in Flint, Michigan with imported Baltic Birch harvested with renewable forestry practices.

Tap Floor DAILY Cleaning

SCUFF MARKS: Use alcohol-based cleaner and a clean cotton rag. Use paper towel or towel to dry the floor.


Shipping included for the contiguous U.S. — for delivery to all other locations, please contact us.


UPS Ground

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